Laser Safety Shutter, Aperture 10mm

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Hersteller Apex


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A laser control system is used to implement all security relevant aspects. Installation is simple and system cost is reduced. This system is designed for laser units controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM). The ELS11 laser shutter is equipped with 3 HAL sensors, one sensor signals shutter open, 2 sensors signal shutter closed. When the shutter is closed and laser is active, laser beam is deviated to a heat dump. If temperature increases above 65 °C, laser is shut down.

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  • Aperture: 10mm
  • Operates in horizontal and vertical position
  • Shutter dimension: 88 x 78m x 40.5 mm
  • Sensor outputs source 24V/200mA each and are overload and short circuit protected
  • Power consumption: Shutter 24VDC: open 110mA, closed 20mA