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Manufacturer's part number Product description Qty

Rebellion Photonics

The only camera that can both identify and quantify gas releases in real time

Rebellion Photonics hyperspectral imaging technology leads the next generation of leak detection and monitoring solutions. It can pinpoint the source of a leak, measure the volume, confirm the exact concentration and notify you as it happens.

Some of the biggest oil, gas and chemical companies in the world use Rebellion Photonics’ technology to provide 24/7 leak monitoring and detection. This high-quality, cost-effective technology is the only real-time solution, preventing issues that lead to high-risk safety issues, loss of product and production time, and economic loss.

GCI camera

Rebellion GCI camera

Rebellion’s gas cloud imaging (GCI) camera is able to detect gas leaks as far as 1.7 kilometres away. Each camera can provide up to 100-foot towers and extended motion pan/tilt motors with a range of up to 360°.

Also available is a separate compatible HD visible camera with zoom capabilities. Rebellion cameras are explosion proof and operate in all weather conditions.

  • Detection time : <1 second
  • Position control: pan +/-180° (360° full rotation), tilt -45/+60°
  • Long detection range of up to 1,700m (5,577ft)
  • Wide detection field of up to 660m (2,165ft)
  • Fully automatic alarm with live visual display, audible alert, email and/or text message

miniGCI camera

Rebellion miniGCI camera

The compact version of Rebellion’s GCI camera, the miniGCI camera can detect gas leaks as far away as 100m, ideal for small sites and confined areas.

The cameras can have up to a 360-degree field of view when mounted on pan/tilt motors, enabling you to cover a wide area with one camera and reducing your total solution cost. Explosion-proof certified and non-certified versions are available.

  • Detection time : <1 second
  • Position control: pan +/-180° (360° full rotation), tilt -45/+60°
  • Detection range of up to 100m (328ft)
  • Field of view: 42° x 42°
  • Fully automatic alarm with live visual display, audible alert, email, and/or text message


Alarm options

Rebellion use custom-built algorithms to detect and quantify gas and liquid leaks in real time. Fully automated and with alert levels programmed directly into the system, there is no need for the camera feeds to be continuously monitored by a human operator, reducing labour costs.

Alarm levels can be adjusted by chemical and field of view, allowing the entire system to be specialised for your specific site and needs. Rebellion’s alarms detect multiple gases, including hydrocarbons, in the same pixel.

  • Gas detection
  • Liquid leak detection
  • Intrusion detection and security
  • Fire detection
  • Tank-level monitoring
  • Flare monitoring
  • Maintenance triage

Alarm options


User interface options

Rebellion’s user-interface options can be fully integrated with your current alarm system, alerting you in real time with video and image stamps. Customers can set alarm thresholds for different chemicals and direct cameras to image a specific area or establish a pre-set scan path for the cameras. The fully autonomous alarm systems can increase productivity, reduce risk, and improve coordination between HSE, maintenance, and management.

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