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RF and Microwave interconnect solutions from Gigalane

Acal BFi has partnered with Gigalane to help you select the right cable and connector solution for your application. Their cost-effective and durable cables and connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications including telecommunications, aerospace, test and measurement, and RF and Microwave.


RF and Microwave cables

Gigalane have a wide range of RF and Microwave cables which are competitive in terms of high performance, durability and cost-effectiveness.

There are different series of cables available, each suited to particular applications:

Gigalane cables

RF and Coax connectors

Gigalane also have a wide range of RF and Coax connectors, suitable for each of the cable types above.

Once you have selected the right cable for your application, you can see a range of connectors available for that cable and make the required selection for your application.

Gigalane connecotrs

Customised interconnect solutions

Gigalane’s manufacturing facilities in China and Korea offer custom-made cables and connectors to suit your unique designs. They also do rigorous testing to ensure complete accuracy of the product before shipping.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get the right cable and connector for your requirements.

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