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Flux design and manufacture custom-made magnetic components and power supplies for the electronics industry

Our expertise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of topologies, allows us to deliver solutions for the most challenging requirements, such as harsh industrial environments, defence, aviation and even space.

Flux’s headquarters are in Asnaes, Denmark, where management, R&D and production are based. They also own a factory in Thailand, where manufacturing is carried out. Both facilities are ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.

Flux design magnetic components for long lifetimes in harsh environments

Our skilled operators manufacture these components or units under ISO 9001 or AS9100 quality control. Such high-reliability components from Flux are used in the aviation and defence industries in applications such as guidance, sonar, pilot interface, electronic defence systems, flight management systems, power supplies and air-conditioning systems.

Flux’s high-reliability components are also found in other demanding environments and applications, to operate reliably for prolonged periods.

Flux’s high-reliability components


  • High and low temperatures
  • Wide and repeated thermal cycling
  • High vibrations
  • High voltage and high pressure


  • Oil and gas downhole operations
  • Drilling
  • Motor sensors and exhaust measurement
  • Subsea robotics and marine communications


Flux are a significant contributor to the international space industry and have supplied more than 500,000 components for missions launched from Europe, Asia and the USA

Flux manufacture custom-designed magnetic parts and units in a wide range of topologies, materials and processes in accordance with MIL and ECSS standards.

Flux space images
  • All topologies are qualified to MIL standards on a regular basis.

  • Flux offer access to a significant range of design possibilities, qualified by the similarity rules of the MIL standards.

  • All operators and quality-control staff undergo comprehensive training, ESA certification and re-certification in processes and in international workmanship standards.


Flux serve world-leading customers within industrial electronics, transportation, renewable energy and telecommunications

Flux industrial images
  • Motor drives
    Flux develop and deliver chokes, transformers and unit solutions for the control electronics of motors and energy-saving pumps.

  • Renewable energy
    Flux design and manufacture customised products for various inverters. With high-efficiency, long-life and high-current components, Flux develop solutions that last.

  • Switch-mode power supplies
    Flux design and manufacture customised chokes, transformers and entire power supplies.

  • Telecom
    Flux provide magnetic components and power supplies for data transmission, broadcasting, navigation, security and safety equipment.


Standard magnetic components


Standard power-supply products

Current-sensing transformers


Mini UPS


Common-mode chokes


Battery switch


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