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HVAC solutions from Acal BFi

Advanced technology solutions for air-conditioning and air-movement systems


  • Our capabilities

  • Sensors

  • Interconnect

  • Power supplies

  • IoT solutions

  • Electromechanical

  • PCB-mounted products


HVAC solutions overview

True air quality is about much more than dividing the acceptable from the unacceptable

In the 21st century we know that true air quality is about much more than dividing the acceptable from the unacceptable. Proper heating and ventilation are recognised as vital aspects of buildings where people can live and work in comfort, and be productive. Environmental legislation is being enforced to guarantee cleaner air that is free from toxins as well as ensuring improved system efficiency with new technologies such as heat recovery.

Acal BFi offer a variety of products and solutions suitable for 21st century air-conditioning systems.


Our capabilities

We understand the varied requirements from simple control loops to the more complex control systems where measurements are made to control not only the temperature but also the air quality

At Acal BFi we understand the varied requirements from simple control loops in heat-recovery, air-conditioning systems, heat pumps, humidifiers / de-humidifiers and industrial air-conditioning systems to the more complex control systems where dust and CO2 measurements are made to control not only the temperature but also the air quality.


Comprehensive solutions

Our comprehensive solutions cover both component and system level devices covering key aspects of technology used in HVAC

Our comprehensive solutions cover both component and system-level devices, which, combined with our experience of solving technical problems for key industry players, makes Acal BFi the ideal partner for your next design.


Expert advice

Utilising our expertise and innovative industry solutions our HVAC customers are able to reduce inventory, speed up production and improve product design and efficiency

By utilising our expertise and innovative industry solutions our HVAC customers are able to reduce inventory, speed up production and improve product design and efficiency.

Take a look at our solutions on the left and contact us for more information.

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Sensing solutions for all HVAC / air conditioning applications

We supply a wide choice of sensors to support all HVAC / air conditioning functionality

Acal BFi offer a wide range of sensors from world-leading suppliers suitable for HVAC / air conditioning applications.

our sensor solutions

Featured product ranges

  • Humidity sensors
    Humidity sensors, widely used in heat-recovery HVAC systems, are a mainstay of Acal BFi sales in the heat-recovery market. Our product offer covers all technology types, enabling us to offer the optimum price / performance compromise. Accuracy ranges from ±1.7% to ±5.0%, and response times as quick as 1s. There are also dual-mode temperature and humidity sensors for applications where both parameters need to be measured using a single device.
  • Temperature sensors
    We have a wide range of NTC thermistors for measuring temperature. Our range covers all types of construction including epoxy and glass beads. We also package the thermistors to form bespoke rugged temperature probes.
  • Board-mounted pressure sensors
    Our range of PCB/board-mounted pressure sensors will find uses in small air-conditioning systems and blocked filter detection. We offer absolute, differential and gauge devices with multiple port configurations as well as pressure ratings with extended operating-temperature ranges (from -40°C to +125°C).
  • Media-isolated pressure transducers
    Historically our media-isolated pressure sensors have been used in systems moving large volumes of air. The range includes versions with and without temperature compensation with extended temperature ranges available.
  • Airflow sensors
    The Zephyr™ range of digital airflow sensors from Honeywell are available for airflow ranges as low as 10 SLPM (standard litres per minute) to as high as 300 SLPM with the industry’s smallest Total Error Band, fast response times and high accuracy. The product range is configurable and customisable with a wide choice of port styles aimed at simplifying design and reducing production complexity.
  • Ultra small environment sensor
    The Bosch BME280 is an ultra-small, single-sensor solution measuring ambient temperature, barometric pressure and humidity in a surface-mount LGA package measuring just 2.5mm x 2.5mm x 0.93mm.
  • CO2 sensors
    With CO2 sensors optimised for indoor air quality, energy conservation applications and demand control ventilation (DCV), Acal BFi have a range of solutions for monitoring CO2 concentration in air. The wide range incorporates ready-made transmitters and OEM units for those wanting to incorporate the technology into their own sensors.
  • Dust / particle sensors
    Increasingly particle detection is becoming part of the control loop in systems monitoring air quality. Acal BFi offer a range of OEM modules that detect the dust-particle concentration in air by using optical sensing techniques.
full sensor range

Featured suppliers

Amphenol Advanced Sensors Bosch Sensortec Honeywell Sangshin
Shibaura Tewa  

Technical support when you need it

Work with Acal BFi to create a sensor assembly customised for your needs

In many instances off-the-shelf sensors are just not good enough for what you need. You may get the right sensing element, but then have to design a housing and cabling system to ensure correct in system functionality, or the assembly has certain drawbacks (such as the wrong connector or the probe is too long). Acal BFi can simplify the process by working with you to create a sensor assembly customised to meet your exact needs.

Use our extensive technical support and expertise to help guide you to the correct sensing element from our range, then work with our engineers to design the perfect housing and connector assembly, simplifying your production process and improving your ROI.

We have designed custom assemblies for remote temperature probes, humidity sensors and multi-axis accelerometers.

custom temperature probes


Interconnect solutions for domestic and industrial HVAC

Interconnect solutions to support all HVAC functionality

Acal BFi have over 50 years of experience in specifying and supplying interconnect solutions. Our range encompasses small form-factor solutions for use in small domestic heat-recovery systems through to heavyduty solutions for use in large, industrial HVAC. For those domestic applications requiring powercords and IEC connectors we also stock a wide range of applicable products.

our interconnect solutions

Featured product ranges

  • Dustproof and waterproof connectors
    We offer wire-to-wire and wire-to-board solutions where the environment mandates the use of connectors with a rating in excess of IP65. Our solutions extend to IP69K, with both circular and in-line options up to 32A.
  • Wire-to-board / wire-to-wire connectors
    Our range includes general-purpose connectors covering IDC, crimp, screw and screw-less connections.
  • Heavy duty industrial connectors
    We offer modular, heavy duty industrial connectors from Harting (HAN® range) and Amphenol Industrial(heavy|mate® range).
  • IEC inlets
    We have a wide range of IEC inlets including screw mount and snap-on mount, with optional indicators, fuses, switches and EMC filters.
  • Powercords
    Our powercord range includes single-phase and three-phase powercords, with mains plugs suitable for all major countries. Equipment end can be stripped or terminated with an IEC connector.
full interconnect range

Featured suppliers

Amphenol Bulgin Cabcon  
Delta EDAC Harting  
JST Schurter TE Connectivity  

Cable assemblies and looms made-to-measure

Work with Acal BFi to manufacture your customised cable loom

Work with Acal BFi to manufacture your customised cable loom. Leverage our experience in connector assembly design and manufacture to improve your ROI. Acal BFi are able to produce cable assemblies and looms in accordance with your drawings. Whilst our experience extends across the whole spectrum, Acal BFi specialise in applications for industrial and harsh environments

Our expertise

  • Inclusion of electromechanical products in loom
    (eg switches, relays and fuses)
  • Shielded cable assemblies and harnesses
  • Over-moulded cables
  • Custom cables
  • Manufacture of looms to customer drawings
custom cable assemblies

Power supplies

Off-the-shelf power supplies meet the demand for increased efficiency

Acal BFi offer a wide range of off-the-shelf AC/DC power supplies from leading global manufacturers

Our range of AC/DC converter products have an emphasis on high-conversion efficiency, small form-factor and long-term reliability. Our range of compact AC/DC converter modules and electronic transformers offer innovative options for small domestic solutions, whilst our closed-frame products are ideal for industrial systems needing a higher power.

our power solutions

Featured product ranges

50Hz toroidal transformers

  • Nominal 230VAC input
  • 20 to 300VA
  • Designed and tested to EN61558
  • Short circuit and overload protection on primary side

50Hz electronic transformers

  • Package in same form-factor as standard 50Hz transformers
  • 5W (EI30), 7.5W (EI38) and 10W (EI48) versions
  • Isolated or non-isolated
  • Regulated or unregulated

AC/DC converters

  • Power ratings from 5W to 900W
  • Universal input (85V to 260VAC)
  • Convection cooled
  • Fully standards compliant
  • Open frame, closed frame, DIN and PCB mounting

External power supply units

For those applications where an external power supplies are used Acal BFi offer a range of products from leading manufacturers. All of our products are safety certified and standards complaint for consumer industrial applications and comply to the latest level VI efficiency standards.

Our range features:

  • Power ratings from 6W to 400W
  • Universal input 90V to 260V (minimum)
  • High efficiency AC/DC switch mode power supplies
  • Fully standards compliant
External power supplies

Featured suppliers

Acal BFi Noratel Cincon SynQor
Eos SL Power Electronics Excelsys Skynet
ICC Nexergy RSG Myrra Zippy Technology Corporation

Customised transformers and power solutions

Customised power solutions

Acal BFi’s power supply design team can create custom power supplies to meet your needs, whether you need a custom toroidal transformer, electronic transformer or a complete AC/DC power supply.

Key advantages:

  • Shorter development cycles
  • Wide range of power sub-systems
  • Standards compliant
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • State-of-the-art logistics
  • Manufactured in facilities accredited to ISO9001
semi-custom power supplies

IoT solutions

Supporting the most widely used IoT connection technologies.

IoT solutions

Easy-to-use modules get your product connected to the web
Acal BFi offer a range of modules and gateways designed to allow you to easily integrate internet connectivity into your system. Our modules are fully standards compliant and can easily be controlled from any microcontroller. Our factory-trained, field-based applications engineers are available to provide in-depth technical support.

Our technologies:

our m2m and wireless solutions

No IoT expertise? No problem - we can help

Acal BFi’s European Wireless Technical Competence Centre provides consultancy, concepts and turnkey design of wireless solutions across Europe. One key area of expertise is the development of hardware and firmware solutions to add IoT connectivity to existing designs.

Tailored, cost-effective service with our in-house expertise

  • Specialist design team
    Cross-functional team adept at working with proprietry ISM, 2G/3G/4G, ZigbBee WiFi and Bluetooth solutions.
  • Consultation
    RF design and review services, with suggestions for performance improvement where appropriate.
  • System design
    RF hardware, firmware and software design services to add wireless communications to your products.
  • Manufacturing
    Prototype, first production batch or ongoing manufacture with full program management.
  • Cost-effective solutions
    From component selection to overall design, our services are tailored to your needs and in tune with today’s commercial challenges.
wireless module integration

Airtime services and cloud-based solutions

Airtime services and cloud-based solutions
  • Adaptive connectivity
    Air-time data bundles with conventional or embedded SIMs.
  • Application enablement
    AirVantage® high-performance platform, tools and a development community that will get your service to market faster.
  • Hardware ready
    Selection of modules and gateways fully compatible with AirVantage®.
  • Cloud connectors
    AirVantage® is connected to Google’s cloud platform, making your IoT data available to all of the services the cloud platform provides.
cloud services from sierra wireless

Featured suppliers

Acal BFi Avago Lantronix  
Sierra Wireless Skyworks    

Wireless MODBUS case study

Industrial air-cooling units based on the 2.4GHz wireless MODBUS standard

Acal BFi were approached by a European manufacturer of industrial air-cooling units who wanted to develop a wireless control system for these units based on the 2.4GHz wireless MODBUS standard.

Working with the company’s engineers Acal BFi developed a complete wireless sub-system capable of complying with the MODBUS system requirements, deployed as a single PCB solution.

Services provides

  • Hardware design and development (concept/schematic/layout)
  • Firmware (embedded software) design and development
  • Project management
  • Prototyping build and debug
  • Pre-certification testing to ensure regulatory compliance

Electromechanical solutions

Electromechanical–heating, cooling and switches

User interface solutions for vending and dispensing

Acal BFi offer a unique combination of design expertise and leading-edge technologies from our comprehensive range of thermal management and HMI products. Designed for external and industrial environments, we can offer a suitable solution and custom manufacturing service to assist your application.

Featured product ranges

  • Switches and keypads
    Acal BFi have a wide range of panel switches and illuminators ideal for use in control panels associated with industrial air conditioning, all designed for operation in harsh environments typical for industrial equipment. We also offer a custom keypad design and manufacture service.
  • Heater mats
    When used in cold environments, certain elements of the system may benefit from the addition of direct heating, such as compressor oil sumps and pipework. Our range of heating solutions are based on the very latest insulated silicone rubber heating elements and can be supplied as mats or as isolative jackets with an integral heating element. All products have UL and VDE approvals and are generally designed to meet the exact customer requirements.
  • Fans
    For smaller domestic air-conditioning and heat-recovery systems Acal BFi offer a wide range of AC-powered blowers. The key differentiator for Acal BFi is our ability to work with our supplier base to produce customised versions for optimum performance in the customer’s application.

Featured suppliers

Comair Rotron Holroyd ITW Sunon
YS Tech      

PCB-mounted products

Components for control boards within vending and dispensing

Components for control boards within vending and dispensing

We have a range of components suitable for use in microcontroller-based control systems used in vending and dispensing systems, from semiconductors to sounders and relays.

Featured product ranges


  • Power management
  • LDOs
  • LED drivers
  • Op amps

LED indicators

  • Surface mount
  • Through hole
  • LEDs
  • Indicators

Sounders and buzzers

  • Buzzers and transducers
  • Piezoceramic speakers
  • Piezoceramic amplifiers


  • Power relays
  • Signal relays
  • Solid state relays

Frequency control

  • Crystals
  • Oscillators
  • Real-time clocks

PCB mount connectors

  • Board-to-board connectors
  • Screw / screwless connectors
  • IDC connectors

Featured suppliers

Advanced Crystal Technology Amphenol EDAC Epson
Fujitsu Harting New Japan Radio JST
Skyworks Sonitron Taitien TE Connectivity

Locator - kitting and PCBA assembly

Electronics manufacturing services tailored to your needs

Electronics manufacturing services tailored to your needs

Established for more than 25 years and now operating as part of Acal BFi, Locator provide specialist sub-contract and kitting services. They offer a personalised service for their customers, building long-lasting partnerships based on flexibility and trust.

Locator services:

  • PCB assembly
  • Turnkey manufacturing
  • Test solutions
  • Prototyping
  • Electronic component kitting
  • Electronic component sourcing
  • Logistics services
kitting and assembly services