Save time and money with Acal BFi’s embedded computing design service

Acal BFi have been designing, providing and supporting embedded computing solutions for over 30 years. Working with our customer’s system engineers and architects we leverage our experience and provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Acal BFi have a wealth of expertise is in the development of systems for industrial, medical, rail, oil and gas, aerospace and military/defence applications. We recognise that these applications demand more than just systems expertise and that quality, reliability and longevity play a key role. That’s why our world-class design service is supported by an extensive range of services which take our customer’s concept to market quickly and support them through the entire program lifecycle, including, where appropriate, obsolescence management.

Design expertise

Acal BFi’s design engineers have a wealth of experience in developing systems using all common form factors, including:

  • Computer-on-Modules
  • PC104/PC104 plus
  • VME
  • cPCI/cPCIe
  • COM/COMe
  • PCI/PCIe
  • VPX/OpenVPX
  • IndustryPack (IP)
  • QSeven
  • Fanless designs
  • Conduction cooled

Design capabilities

  • System architecture specification – Working from the customer’s brief, our engineers will outline a preferred system specification, wherever possible, using off-the-shelf sub-systems from world-class manufacturers. Where no off-the-shelf sub-systems are available we will work with our suppliers to modify standard products to meet our customer’s requirements, or design the sub-system elements ourselves. Our service includes defining the most appropriate platform/form-factor where this is not specified by the customer.
  • 3D modeling – Our engineers use 3D CAD systems to provide 3D mechanical models of the system, ensuring our customers fully understand the mechanical nature of the intended solution. These models are available free of charge to our customers.
  • System design and test – Once the system architecture has been defined our engineers develop working prototypes that are tested in our in-house EMC chamber to ensure compliance to all relevant EMC/EMI standards.
  • Carrier board or baseboard development – Where the system architecture requires a tailor-made carrier / baseboard, we are able to offer a design service to design and manufacture the carrier / baseboard to our customer’s specific requirements.
  • Prototype PCB development – We offer both single- and double-sided PCBs with through-hole and/or surface-mount technologies.
  • Firmware development / BIOS optimisation – Working with our partners we optimise the system firmware / BIOS to ensure the system is optimised for performance in the desired application.
  • Driver development – Working with our partners and third-party design houses we are able to develop drivers for sub-systems which are not directly supported by the customer’s chosen operating system, or modify drivers to improve their performance.
  • EMC pre-compliance testing – We carry out EMC pre-compliance testing using our in-house EMC chamber.
  • Standards certification / CE marking – We design the systems to be standards compliant, using our in-house EMC chamber perform pre-compliance testing. We have also worked, on our customer’s behalf, with accredited test houses to produce fully accredited, CE-marked systems.
  • User documentation – This is supplied with all of our systems. Where the brief includes driver development, the API is fully documented, allowing our customer’s software engineers to make full use of the driver development.
  • Manufacturing and logistics – Once the prototypes have been fully approved we offer a range of manufacturing and logistic services, including obsolescence management.

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