Custom thin-film illumination for capacitive touch screens

Sophisticated thin film backlighting technology allows you to provide robust touch screens in a wide range of environments. A typical 1.5mm thin film produces consistent illumination in the tightest of spaces, and Acal BFi can help to define custom backlit and capacitive touch screens for multiple applications.

Our dedicated Human-Machine Interface application engineers have extensive product knowledge and expertise. We can advise you on the best capacitive touch screen and illumination solutions for your application and work with you to ensure you get great performance, top quality and outstanding value for money.

The thin film illumination and capacitive touch screens from Stadium IGT are ideal for heavy-use industries such as transport and logistics, and for environment-sensitive sectors such as energy or healthcare. With no need to drill holes in screens and the ability to completely seal against dirt and dust, the screens are easy to clean and are fully functional even in the harshest applications.


  • Thin film – at just 1.5mm (typical) thick, the backlit illumination is the slimmest on the market.
  • Consistent illumination – no hotspots or dull areas, uniform illumination across the screen.
  • High sealing levels – makes the screen ideal for challenging environments and areas where cleanliness and sterilisation are vital.
  • Customisable – the product can be completely customised to your needs, avoiding the high costs of complete equipment replacement.
  • Combine with additional products – Acal BFi can combine traditional electromechanical switches, mount panels on suitable enclosures and provide interconnect, thermal and sensor options.
  • Reliability – the thin film illumination product can be sealed up to IP69, if housed in a suitable enclosure making it an ideal solution for demanding environments.

Our proven track record

Acal BFi work with a number of blue-chip clients across Europe, and have recently managed a project using this technology for TV mixer stations. Our solution provides thin film illumination with touch-screen slider control, which is ideal for providing clear feedback in darkened broadcast environments whilst still enabling accurate operation.

Our expertise means you can leave thin film illumination and capacitive touch screen supply and support in our hands, knowing you will get the best possible system for your needs.

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