Discover the benefits of custom
IBS coating for precision optics

Ensure durability and reliability for your photonic components by choosing custom coating options from Acal BFi. Working with Precision Photonics Corp, a leading name in the field, we can offer a range of thin-film coating options which help reduce damage and improve the working lifespan of your components.

Longer life, better performance

Passive optical components which must work in difficult or dangerous environments needs to be properly protected. At the design stage, you need to think about the best components to choose and the most effective coatings for your needs. Choosing the right coating option helps to build in the reliability and quality that is essential to the success of your project. Acal BFi can talk you through the options and advise you on the best coatings for your requirements.

Why choose IBS coating?

Ion-beam sputtering (IBS) is a repeatable and controllable process that produces durable thin films that are resistant to changes in heat and humidity and work equally well in a vacuum environment. At Acal BFi we can either source your components and apply the coating, offering the complete finished optic, or we can apply a custom IBS coating to your existing optical devices.


  • Price competitive – adding a custom coating to your optical devices does not significantly increase costs.
  • Short lead time – coatings can be applied quickly and accurately, and the product returned to you without delay.
  • Precision spectral control – ideal for defence, medical and industrial applications.
  • Highly durable – IBS coating can be applied to equipment for a wide range of environments and applications.
  • Insensitive to moisture – IBS coatings are highly resistant to changes in environmental conditions.
  • Ultra-low absorption – anti-reflection coatings with losses less than 0.5ppm, and high-reflection (HR) coatings with losses less than 2ppm. Ideal for high-power laser.
  • Ultra-high damage threshold – >40J/cm2@20ns.

In addition, we can offer measurement services if you wish to measure the absorption in your own coatings or substrates, including 2D surface mapping. Our services are designed to ensure your finished product gives you the high quality and high performance you need.

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To discuss your specific coating requirements, please get in touch with our Photonics team.


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