Tailor-made temperature probes from Acal BFi

You know what temperature range you want to measure, but selecting the right combination of sensing element and housing is a challenge. Acal BFi meet this challenge by delivering a temperature-sensing probe designed to meet your specific requirements, thereby reducing your time to market.

Designed for your project

Temperature is the most widely measured of all physical properties. Designing a temperature probe to work effectively in any given application is challenging. Engineers have to consider which technology to use – RTDs, thermistors, thermocouples or thermopiles. They must also protect these elements in the environment, and fully understand the effect this protection has on the element's characteristics to make sure the probe will work correctly once assembled. Finally they need to consider how the probe will be mounted and connected to the electronics, which are often remote from the point of measurement. Acal BFi understands these issues and can advise you on the best element, housing, cable and connector solution for your application, delivering a custom-designed temperature probe assembly usually within six weeks.

Take advantage of our expertise

Acal BFi have over 18 years' experience as a European leader in advanced technology solutions, including the design of custom temperature probes. This expertise means we can offer you the following.

  • Improved system performance – sensor probe is optimised thermally, electrically and mechanically for the specific needs of the application.
  • Wide range of temperature sensing elements – sourced from industry-leading partners covering thermistors (NTC and PTC), RTDs, thermocouples and thermopiles.
  • Wide range of packaging – ensuring the most cost-effective probe design for the intended environment. Capabilities include precision-engineered metal housings, plastic housings, silicone and rubber tubes, and over-moulding.
  • Shorter development cycles – first article samples are generally available within a four-to-six week lead time.
  • Total cost of ownership reduced – the probe is supplied complete, tested and ready to install in your system, reducing assembly time.
  • State-of-the art logistics – including just-in-time, Kan-ban, ship-to-line and buffer-stocking to agreed levels support your inventory and cash-flow.
  • Reliability – all designs are manufactured in facilities accredited to ISO9001.

Temperature probes for laboratory research

Acal BFi have previously worked with a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment for scientific and medical research. The customer encountered failures in the assembly process with the existing in-house design, leading to production delays and potentially unnecessary rework. Acal BFi designed a custom temperature sensing harness consisting of two separate NTC thermistors, potted into ring terminals and wired into a common header for use in temperature control at various points in a tissue embedding station. The unit was supplied fully tested, removing failures in the assembly process, improving production assembly times and simplifying inventory management.


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