Spectral Engines’ portable food-scanning solution wins Horizon Prize from European Commission

Spectral Engines’ portable food-scanning solution wins Horizon Prize from European CommissionHorizon Prizes are 'challenge' prizes, also known as ‘inducement’ prizes, set by the European Commission to stimulate innovation and find breakthrough solutions to some of the most pressing problems that concern European citizens. With a problem identified, the European Commission sets the challenge with prize money offered to the person or company that can most effectively solve it.

The Horizon Prize for a Food Scanner required entrants to create a mobile solution that could analyse food composition quickly and efficiently. The solution needed to offer a new, easy, fast and preferably portable tool to analyse food composition and help manage the growing number of food-related problems.

The width and gravity of food-related health problems is a substantial issue; allergies, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are growing issues and today, approximately 35% of the world’s population can be classified as obese. Excess weight is a problem present in all age groups, with up to 43% of children under school age are overweight. The world is also facing other food-related problems, with the authenticity of food products a big issue in many developing countries.

Spectral Engines responded to these issues by developing a novel spectral sensing platform that offers unique benefits in many applications. Spectral Engines’ Food Scanner concept utilises the world’s smallest true NIR spectral sensing module with advanced algorithms, cloud connectivity and a vast material library to reveal the fat, protein, sugar and total energy content of food items at high accuracy.

The Food Scanner uses well-proven infrared spectroscopic methods for material detection to provide high measurement performance despite its compact size. The solution is truly portable and easy to integrate into other applications, both industrial and consumer, and is designed to quickly provide relevant information about food and guidance for healthy living.

The solution has gained significant acknowledgment; it was announced as the winner of the Horizon Prize for a Food Scanner on 20 March 2017 during CeBIT, the Global Event for Digital Business. The solution also received the Photonics Prism Award in the Detectors and Sensors category at Photonics West in February 2016


Spectral Engines - EU Food Scanner Horizon Prize Winner

Food Scanner award ceremony

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