Free guide to breakthrough power sensor technology

Free guide to breakthrough laser power sensor technology This guide introduces new power sensor technology that delivers six orders of magnitude faster speed than has been previously possible with thermopile technology - improving laser throughput, quality, and process precision with minimal engineering investment.

The technology is suitable for applications including laser processing (cutting, drilling, and welding), medical systems (long pulse aesthetic applications), scientific and engineering, and production and QA testing.

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Delivering a faster measurement speed than previously possible with thermopile technology, the PowerMax-Pro is a state-of-the-art laser power sensor that combines the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile with the response speed nearing that of a semiconductor photodiode.

Fast, high power measurement

A unique thermal flow design enables fast, high power measurement, with high damage resistance. The sensor is so fast, less than ten microseconds in the case of the "HD" version, that users can trace the pulse shape of modulated lasers at pulse repetition frequencies up to 25 kHz.

PowerMax-Pro sensors from Coherent

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The groundbreaking LabMax-Pro power meter combines the power and versatility of the LabMax, with two new higher speed sampling modes when used with PowerMax-Pro technology.

High speed and snapshot modes

The high speed mode increases the continuous sampling rate to 20 kHz, enabling analysis of laser pulse trains common in medical and micro welding applications. Snapshot mode provides burst sampling at a rate of 625 kHz, enabling users to view the rise time and pulse shape, while integrating the energy of modulated lasers which are common in various commercial cutting and drilling applications.

LabMax-Pro power meter from Coherent

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