Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imagination

Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imaginationMicrometals and Acal BFi. Micrometals are one of the world leaders in the production of high quality, low-cost iron-powder cores. They offer an unrivalled customisation service, with the ability to create designs:

  • on a wide scale – from very small millimetre precise to very large, heavy-duty components
  • at any volume – from producing millions of parts for a disposable medical application to one-off bespoke designs for the energy industry, and
  • in any shape you can imagine.

Gain the competitive edge without the associated high costs

With additional design, development, set-up and tooling to consider, custom designs can often attract high pricing. Micrometals mitigate this through their expertise and broad in-house capabilities, helping you secure the competitive advantage of greater performance that custom parts provide, without the additional costs and minimum order quantities.

Unlock the potential of established materials in new applications

Unique geometries and custom sizes can be applied to any of the standard materials, but are not limited to standard catalogue mixes. Micrometals offer the widest selection of powder core materials, and since all powders are blended in-house, variations can be tailored to a specific application. Processing materials in-house allows for tight consistency from lot to lot, and allows materials to be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Many of today’s high-frequency applications are using materials originally invented in the 1950s. However, new, advanced manufacturing and production processes are making tried, tested and proven materials suitable for the next generation of high-frequency applications, including in the automotive, medical, solar and energy sectors.

Three ways to create your custom design

Individual designs and custom solutions can be created through three main processes. 


  • Pressed components – created under very high pressure, cold compaction, pressed parts inherently have basic magnetic characteristics as they come out of the mould and do not change shape or size during further processing, such as baking. Micrometals design and manufacture many of their own presses and tools at their production facilities in California, USA – even for a single or sample quantity – and stores these at their facilities for future use. This in-house production equipment capability allows for the greatest flexibility in core geometries. Totally secure storage provides additional design protection for complete peace of mind. Since powder cores are pressed under very high tonnage, there are some natural limitations to core design complexity.
  • Machined components enable even more complicated shapes and designs, which are not achievable from a pressed part.  Finished parts can be produced from either a block of solid material or pre-pressed components. The most complex, intricate, delicate designs can be realised through machining, enabling highly refined product designs to come to market with consistency and cost advantages achieved through Micrometals’ computer-assisted machining capabilities.
  • Post-process customisation is also available. Several enhancements can be made to further tailor a component’s properties and performance to a customer’s applications. Additional material processing can extend or add material magnetic or physical characteristics, such as part break strength for heavy gauge wire or thermal stabilisation for aggressive reflow solder.

Find out more

Discover how your design could get better overall performance from a custom solution from Micrometals, and how our engineers will support the development of your design, helping your product come to market faster with enhanced performance.


Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imagination

Micrometals and Acal BFi. Micrometals are one of the world leaders in the production of high quality, low-cost iron-powder cores - offering an unrivalled customisation service.

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