Acal BFi help extend the lifespan of VME

Embedded Artesyn Embedded Technologies MVME2500 MVME7100 iVME7120

New processors mean the VME bus standard still represents an attractive combination of high performance, rugged modular construction, and broad industry support, building on a 30 year legacy.

Originally developed for Motorola in 1981, VME continues in widespread use, and many boards have recently had their lifespans extended. With the Intel Core i7 and Freescale QorIQ processors recently released on VME SBCs, engineers can keep their systems running for longer, a particularly important consideration given the cost of migrating technology.

Acal BFi work closely with suppliers such as Artesyn Embedded Technologies, GE and North Atlantic Industries so we can help customers such as the military, aerospace, medicine, automation and railway engineers enhance and prolong the lives of their systems. We offer our customers assembly integration and testing.

Two of the latest VME single board computers are the MVME2500 and the MVME7100/4100 from Artesyn Embedded Technologies, both available from Acal BFi.


The MVME2500 features single-core P2010 and dual-core P2020 Freescale QorIQ processors that deliver an industry-leading performance-to-power ratio with single-core or dual-core frequencies of up to 1.2 GHz at less than 8W. This board is a perfect migration path for customers using PowerQUICC processor boards (MVME3100 and MVME4100) or G4 processor boards (MVME5100 and MVME5110).

The MVME2500 is ideal for automation, medical and military applications such as image processing, radar/sonar, railway control, and semiconductor processing.


The MVME7100, incorporating the system-on-chip MPC864xD processor, offers a growth path for VMEbus customers using the previous generation of VME, specifically MPC74xx processors. System-on-chip offers power/thermal, reliability and lifecycle advantages not typically found in alternative architectures. Customers can keep their VMEbus infrastructure (chassis, backplanes and other VMEbus/PMC boards) while improving performance and extending lifespans, thereby reducing costs.

The MVME4100 can operate in the most extreme environments. It incorporates the Freescale 8548E system-on-chip processor, industry-leading storage, extensive I/O and flexible expansion options, including an on-board PMC site and up to four optional XMC sites via expansion cards. Its processor allows high-performance, cost-effective continuation for currently deployed VME infrastructure. The Freescale e500 core allows for double precision floating point operations. The processor-enabled supplementary encryption engine can address demands for network privacy and data security.


Acal BFi also supply Artesyn Embedded Technologies' iVME7210 VMEbus processor board that features the Intel Core i7 processor with variants up to 2GHz and the mobile Intel QM57 Express chipset. The iVME7210 is designed for industrial, medical and military/aerospace applications including robotics, image processing, radar/sonar and signal intelligence. It includes 4GB or 8GB DDR3 memory and 256KB non-volatile Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (F-RAM). F-RAM doesn’t need batteries, and offers many more read/write cycles and faster performance than flash memory.

Other features

  • DVI-I interface.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and SATA to VXS P0.
  • Four on-board Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interfaces.
  • Five serial ports.
  • Up to three front USB 2.0 ports.
  • One or two PMC/XMC sites.
  • Optional rear transition module.
  • Optional SATA hard drive and mounting kit.
  • Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imagination

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