Terahertz Spectrometer, Fibre Coupled, T-FIBER series

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Manufacturer Ekspla


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New Fiber Coupled Terahertz Spectrometer, offered by EKSPLA, features flexible and robust design. It is equipped with fiber based pump laser with two fiber output ports. Minimal set of free space optics in spectrometer unit allows stable long time operation. Special “no bearing” design of fast delay line makes its lifetime practically unlimited. Basic setup includes simple optical rail, where Fiber-coupled THz emitter and detector make switching between experiment geometries easier than before. EKSPLA offers dedicated software TeraHz for spectrometer control, data acquisition and its primary analysis.

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    • Spectral range: < 3.5 THz
    • Dynamic range : 60 dB (at pulse maximum)
    • Spectral resolution : > 10 GHz
    • Data acquisition speed : 10 scan/s
    • Pump pulse fiber delivery
    • Real-time measurements
    • Unlimited lifetime of delay line
    • Flexible design
    • THz imaging capability
    • Complete PC control
    • Excellent price/value ratio


    • Main Applications:
    • Time-resolved broadband THz spectroscopy
    • Chemical material characterization
    • Medical and biological nondestructive research
    • Semiconductor wafer inspection
    • Polymeric compounding
    • Explosives detection