Mid-IR Polariser, Broadband, KRS-5, 2-35µm

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Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

KRS-5 is a broadband 2-35µm Mid-IR polarizers produced by holographic method (i.e. laser interferometry). These polarisers do not suffer from beam displacement, are not affected by diverging or converging beam, have wide acceptance angle without degradation of performance.

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  • Spectral range: 2µm to 35µm
  • Holographic type
  • Material: KRS-5
  • Laser Damage Threshold: > 50 W/cm² CW or >0.7 J/cm² 100 ns pulsed for holografic polarisers
  • Clear aperture: 18mm or 25mm
  • Mount Diameter: 25 mm or 41mm
  • Transmission efficiency: (k1>75%; k2<0,7%)@3um ; (k1>71%; k2<0,3%)@15um
  • Extinction ratio (k1/2k2): 54:1@3um ; 118:1@15um
  • Contrast ratio (k1/k2): 108:1@3um ; 236:1@15um
  • Benefits

  • Wide acceptance angle
  • Polyethylene polarizers for 20-1000 microns are also available!
  • Long life time