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  • Ekspla UltraFlux FT2101 Femtoscond Tunable Laser

    Femtosecond Tunable Laser, 680-960 nm, 0.35 mJ

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  • Bright Solutions Vento Serie Sub-ns DPSS Laser

    Green Picosecond DPSS Laser, 15W at 532 nm, 500ps pulsewidth

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  • Bright Solutions Onda Serie Nanosecond DPSS Laser

    Nanosecond Q-switched DPSS Laser, 1W at 266nm, 2 to 10ns Pulsewidth

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  • FR_Photonics_Selection_Guide_Non-Linear_Crystals_NI_a

    Acal BFi non-linear crystals selection guide now available

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  • GRP-000226

    Acal BFi – find out what makes us different

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