1064nm Picosecond Fibre Laser, Compact, 8ps, 60mW

Manufacturer's part number :

LightWire FP100

Manufacturer Ekspla


Description :

LightWire FP100 series picosecond fiber laser feature 8 ps pulse duration, up to 60 mW output power and 1064 nm output wavelength.

FP100 seed source is optimised for high repetition rate Nd based regenerative amplifiers. Higher energy seed pulses allows for more efficient regenerative amplification scheme by avoiding bi-stabilities.

Acal BFi have recently supplied a bespoke photonics solution to Department of Chemistry at Cambridge University. See our article.

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  • 8 ps pulse duration (other durations are available on request)
  • 1064 nm output wavelength
  • Pulse Energy: 2 nJ
  • 30 MHz repetition rate
  • 60 mW output power
  • Spectral bandwidth close to transform limited
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Laser Technology Ultrafast  

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Spectral Range NIR (750nm-3µm)  
Typical Pulse Length 5fs-5ps  
Max Energy/Pulse 0.1-1000nJ  
Max Repetition Rate 500kHz-200MHz  
Most common wavelengths 1064nm