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Laird - protecting electronics and enabling connectivity

Protecting electronics and enabling connectivity

Laird are a leading global supplier of custom-designed and manufactured filters such as chip beads, cable cores and common mode chokes for use in wireless handsets, data devices, printers, computers and consumer electronics. Laird’s nickel-zinc ferrite parts are used extensively in the suppression of electromagnetic interference in the transmission, reception, and processing of electronic signals and data.


With Laird’s wireless charging modules, mobile devices can be charged smoothly and quickly without any cable, i.e. no unaesthetic cradles anymore. The core technology is based on the principle of inductive coupling by using a magnetic field. Wireless charging is an environmentally friendly product. It enables an intelligent power management which optimizes the energy consumption, reduces heat dissipation as well as cooling measures and minimizes EMI. At the same time it optimizes charging efficiency/speed and reliability. These products can meet or satisfy popular wireless charging standards or requirements like WPC Qi or PMA.

Conventional ferrite design

Conventional ferrite design

Conventional flat solid ferrite plates are typically used as the transmitting (TX) module in wireless charging applications, based on magnetic induction technology. For the receiving (RX) device, ultra-thin flexible ferrite sheets are usually preferred, due to weight, size and shape restrictions.


3D shaped ferrite design for wearables

3D shaped ferrite design for wearables

TX modules with 3D shaped ferrite discs can significantly improve the charging performance: due to their special shape they concentrate the magnetic flux better, i.e. the transmitted energy is more directed towards the receiver. This increases charging efficiency (= speed) and reliability.


Since ferrite inductors form a vital part of many tuning and filtering circuits, Laird offer a range with small footprints and durable build quality to meet the demands of any application. With high Q values and monolithic construction, Laird products deliver stable low-loss inductance over a wide range of frequencies. Ferrite inductors offer inductance tolerance rated at +10% of the specified frequency. The rated operating current is based on the maximum sustained current applied, while maintaining the specified minimum inductance (L).

LDP series – high-current, dual-conductor SMD

LDP series - high current dual conductor SMD

The LDP series of shielded SMD power inductors improves performance and reliability for high speed (up to MHz level) and high current (up to 68 A) switch mode applications.


TYS series – low-profile SMD

Low-profile SMD inductors from Laird

The TYS series feature power inductors of very low profile and miniature size, offering design flexibility when space is a limiting factor. Inductance ranges from 0.5µH to 330µH.


Laird’s ferrite common mode chokes are designed for power and data line EMI filtering where high current, small size or high frequency performance is required. Laird have the industry's only true monolithic common mode chokes, able to provide EMI suppression on conductors such as PC board traces (tracks) and high-speed input/output circuitry (including network and storage subsystems).

Modern systems are frequently an interconnection of functional blocks and connections made by cables or wiring harnesses, presenting the opportunity for common mode current loops between devices where EMI can be a challenge. Common mode chokes filter common mode EMI currents without causing signal degradation or de-rating under high currents. Stable common mode chokes allow most signals to pass unaffected, yet filter the noise (EMI) from circuits.

With products in this range including Wire-wound Power Common Mode Chokes, Common Mode Chip Beads and multi-line Arrays, Laird have the solution for your technical challenges.

Wire-wound CMCs

Wire-wound CMCs from Laird

Monolithic CM chip beads

Monolithic CMCs from Laird

CMC arrays

CMC Arrays from Laird

Ferrite materials exhibit varying magnetic properties depending on the frequency at which they are excited. In electronic applications, the relation of the magnetic loss to frequency is used to design the equivalent of band pass filters, attenuating high frequency interference, yet passing lower bands where data is carried. By changing the composition of ferrite, it is possible to enhance attenuation in selected frequency ranges. Laird have developed a family of ferrites with varying compositions to allow the user to manage every type of application, from pulse transformers to ground fault interrupters.

Cable cores

Cable Cores from Laird
  • Solid cores for round or ribbon cables in 3 materials (HF, LF, or broadband)
  • Split cores with plastic snap-on cases for retrofitting round cables

Discs and Plates

Discs and Plates from Laird
  • Ferrite discs and plates for use as EMI shields and absorbers (e.g. stuck onto IC chips)


Toroids from Laird
  • Toriod cores for transformers and filters used in Ethernet and telecom applications, available in a wide range of sizes and shapes

Chip beads and arrays

Chip Beads and Arrays from Laird
  • Highly reliable monolithic chip beads for high or low frequencies, or very high current (up to 10A)
  • Compact multi-line chip arrays with 4 lines, saving board space on dense PCBs

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