Birefringence Measurement Systems, Exicor® 150AT/250AT

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Exicor® 150AT/250AT

Manufacturer Hinds


Description :

Hinds Instruments Birefringence Measurement technology has been adopted by industry leaders world wide to measure birefringence and characterize stress birefringence in materials with unsurpassed accuracy, resolution and repeatability. Exicor 150AT measures retardation integrated along an optical path through the optical sample under investigation. It is designed to measure and display both the magnitude and fast axis orientation of the samples optical retardation. The bench top design and intuitive automated scanning software make this product the best choice for day-in-day-out evaluation of both High Value precision optical components and Commodity optics up to 150mm X 150mm.

The Exicor 250AT incorporates a larger scan area (up to 250mm x 250mm) while maintaining the desk top nature of the Exicor 150AT system.

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  • 250mm Automated XY stage
  • Unprecedented sensitivity in low-level birefringence measurement
  • Simultaneous measurement of birefringence magnitude and angle
  • Precision repeatability
  • High-speed measurement
  • No moving parts in the optical system
  • Automatic mapping of variable-sized optical elements
  • Photoelastic modulator technology
  • Simple, user-friendly operation
  • 2D and 3D graphical representation of birefringence parameters
  • Large and Flexible stage platform design for adding custom parts holders or process aids
  • Advanced data analysis features included standard in user interface
  • Benefits

  • Quality control metrology
  • Low-level birefringence measurements of
  • Plate glass
  • Scientifi c optical components
  • Laser crystals
  • DVDs
  • Qualifi cation of photolithography components including
  • Photomasks
  • Fused silica optical components
  • Calcium fl uoride lens blanks and windows


λ/4 Retardation Range λ/2 Retardation Range Spectroscopy
Retardation range
0.005 – 100 nm 0.005 – 300 nm
  • 0.005 - 300 nm (red)
  • 0.005 - 250 nm (green)
  • 0.005 - 200 nm (blue)
  • Resolution
    -Fast Axis Angle

    0.001 nm
    0.01 °

    0.001 nm
    0.01 °

    0.001 nm
    0.01 °
    -Fast Axis Angle

    ± 0.008 nm
    ± 0.05 °

    ± 0.015 nm
    ± 0.07 °

    ± 0.025 nm
    ± 0.07 °
    Measurement rate 100 pps 100 pps 10 pps
    Spot size 1 mm 1 mm 1-3 mm

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