Semi-custom, standards-compliant power solutions

Forgotten the power supply? Let Acal BFi design a semi-custom, standards-compliant power solution for your application using readily available, off-the-shelf modules and building blocks.

Designing to your requirements

From a system point of view, power-supply design is easy, but in practice the design is often complex and time consuming. Working with Acal BFi it can be simple. Tell our engineers the black-box requirements along with the environment in which the power supply needs to operate and the standards it must comply with, and we'll do the rest. Our approach, using off-the-shelf sub-systems, means our design service is fast and reliable. All our designs are pre-tested for EMC/EMI compliance using our in-house EMC chamber, giving you peace of mind.

Working with leading manufacturers

Partnering with leading power supply manufacturers like Excelsys, Cincon and SL Power gives Acal BFi a great understanding of power-supply design from tens of watts to kilowatts, which can be applied to build a power-supply unit customised for your needs.


  • Shorter development cycles – use of standard, off-the-shelf sub-systems means first-article samples are generally available in less than eight weeks from specification definition.
  • Wide range of power sub-systems – from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring that we have a sub-system that can form the basis of your design.
  • Standards compliance – all our power solutions are engineered to meet the required mechanical, electrical and safety standards applicable to your market.
  • Total cost of ownership reduced – your power supply is provided, tested and housed in accordance with your system requirements, ready to be installed, reducing assembly time.
  • State-of-the art logistics – including just-in-time, Kan-ban, ship-to-line and buffer stocking to agreed levels to support your inventory and cash-flow.
  • Quality – all designs are manufactured in facilities accredited to ISO9001.

Our track record

Acal BFi have proved the benefits of this service for a number of customers. Projects include the design of a DC/DC converter to stabilise airflow to a boiler in an air-conditioning unit on a rail carriage. The environment is both mechanically (vibration and shock) and electrically (noise) challenging, and needed to be fully standards compliant. We designed a fully enclosed DC/DC converter solution that complied with EN50121 and IEC61373. We also organised and supported the independent test house approval process, delivering a fully certified, standards-compliant solution.


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