Ultrafast optics solutions for short-pulse laser chains

Photonics ultrafast optics

Acal BFi have the optical components and accessories you need for your femtosecond applications.

Working with leaders in ultrashort optics technology, we can advise you and supply optics large and small, with low or high surface quality, with high optical quality, dispersion compensation and protective coatings. Our large stock of competitively priced components enables immediate delivery for the most critical items.

Ultrashort, ultrafast

In optics, an ultrashort pulse of light is an electromagnetic pulse with a duration in the femtosecond (10−15 second) domain. Such pulses have a broadband optical spectrum, and the shorter the pulse the broader the spectrum and the more complex the dispersion compensation. Ultrashort laser pulses are used in multiphoton fluorescence microscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT), plasma and high harmonic generation, time-resolved spectroscopy and to generate and detect Terahertzes. Terahertz radiation is increasingly used to image many materials, especially in the field of biomedical imaging.

The shortest pulses generated today are produced by lasers based on Ti:Sa (titanium/sapphire) crystals, commercially available in the femtosecond domain and getting down to the attosecond domain (10-18 seconds), which is a fraction of the optical cycle. Ti:Sa crystals combine outstanding physical and optical properties and the widest lasing range with operation at high or very high repetition rate, or at low repetition but very high pulse energy.

Crystals for laser frequency conversion

Nonlinear thin crystals such as BBO and LBO are available from Acal BFi in both standard and customised designs.

BBO is a nonlinear optical crystal with wide transparency and phase matching ranges, large nonlinear coefficient, high damage threshold, and excellent optical homogeneity. With various nonlinear optical applications, BBO is well-suited for frequency conversion of high-peak or average-power laser radiation.

LBO is a nonlinear optical crystal with wide transparency range, moderately high nonlinear coupling, high damage threshold, and good chemical and mechanical properties. It possesses a relatively large angular acceptance bandwidth, reducing the beam quality requirements for source lasers. It is ideal for frequency doubling of high power lasers.

Applications for BBO and LBO

  • Harmonic generation (SHG, SFG).
  • X-rays.
  • Proton therapy.
  • Deep spectroscopy.
  • Micro-machining.
  • Femtochemistry.
  • Generation of attosecond (10−18 second) light pulses.
  • Optical parametric generation and amplification (OPG, OPA).
  • Difference frequency generation (DFG).
  • Pulse width measurements by auto and cross correlation.
  • Terahertz frequency generation in GaSe (gallium selenide) crystal.
  • Polarisation entangled photon pairs generation.
  • Accessories

    As well as optical components, Acal BFi offer a range of instruments to measure and quantify beam quality in terms of power, energy, shape and profile, to help you get the most out of your ultrafast laser chain.

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