Ultra-miniature, high-performance 0201 diodes

Skyworks SMS7621

An excellent choice across a range of applications, the new 0201 silicon Schottky diodes offer the best of both worlds – high performance in a small package – reducing both the footprint and the volume of the diode on the circuit board. Similarly priced to traditional plastic packages, it is an ideal device for designs including:

  • set-top boxes
  • microwave radios
  • RFID tags
  • mobile handsets
  • Doppler radar sensors, and
  • automotive radar.

In fact, in any application where small, reliable and quality performance devices are needed, this Schottky diode bears consideration.


  • Size and weight – smaller, lighter and lower profile than the standard plastic-packaged alternative
  • Less degradation – compared with leaded parts or wire-bonded devices, these diodes offer less RF performance degradation, resulting in better predictability
  • High-frequency performance – lower parasitic impedance in comparison to market alternatives
  • Reduced assembly costs – replacing the traditional chip and wire approach increases overall assembly yield whilst reducing cost

Performance characteristics

Skyworks Solutions is a leading company in this field and concentrate on producing the very best in high-performance semiconductors and RF devices. The company’s silicon Schottky diodes include the following characteristics.

  • Copper pillars with nickel, tin and silver terminations provide an excellent packaging configuration for high performance and high reliability.
  • Device packaging format is compatible with existing high-speed 0201 surface mount assembly technology.
  • Wafer level construction exhibits low parasitic inductance (<0.2nH) and low parasitic capacitance <0.05pF.
  • RoHS-compliant and meeting Skyworks Green™ standards.

In addition, these diodes can operate within a temperature range of -65°C to 150°C, making them extremely versatile and capable in challenging environments.

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