Sensing the right direction – contact-free sensing of moving targets

Honeywell Sensor Hall-effect and magnetoresistive

The development of equipment that electronically senses speed and direction has been a fast-moving market in recent years.

High reliability, low maintenance

Acal BFi consistently supply the best technology. We work closely with leading manufacturers such as Honeywell, who manufacture a range of speed sensors for use in transportation and industrial applications.

Honeywell harnesses the latest technology using Hall-effect, magneto-resistive or variable reluctance to detect the slightest changes in magnetic fields and create electronic signals that are immediately sent to control system interfaces. These sensors can be used in many applications, including speedometers, anti-lock and braking systems, and gear-tooth sensing. Honeywell’s speed sensors are not only compatible with most control system interfaces, they also deliver precise measurement of switch points and true zero speeds.

Customer benefits

The main benefit for the customer is that sensing is achieved without contact. Having no moving parts minimises wear and tear and so maximises product life.

Other benefits

  • Operational at all speeds.
  • Adaptable to all types of equipment.
  • Robust technology allows sensors to work in extreme conditions, eg certain models can still operate at -70°C.
  • Adding customised connectors and cables can enhance their use in harsh environments, egmilitary vehicles in especially hot and dusty conditions.
  • Broad product range allows customers to choose the product or equipment best suited to them.
  • Sensor diagnostics enhance reliability by providing information on air gaps and sensor failure.

Tailored to your requirements

As well as providing solutions via the range of Honeywell products, Acal BFi also offer additional services such as our specialist connectors tailored to individual customer needs, customised cable harnesses, and integration into customers’ end equipment, depending on the complexity and size.

This is yet another example of how, by anticipating requirements, our product range and customer service continue to be market leaders.

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