New plug ‘n’ play, all-in-one 100W AC/DC full brick from Cincon

New plug ‘n’ play, all-in-one 100W AC/DC full brick from Cincon Minimise design efforts and reduce project costs with Cincon’s latest plug ‘n’ play, all-in-one 100W AC/DC full brick package, offering high efficiency and faster performance at affordable prices.

The Cincon CBM100S series is a range of all-in-one 100W AC/DC power supplies, which have been specifically designed in a full brick package to resolve technical design challenges.

Simplify your design process

Fully equipped with - usually external - components, such as EMI filtering and AC/DC rectification including power factor correction, the CBM100S series does more than just the typical DC to DC conversion you would expect from a brick, and thus eliminates the need of finding, matching, sourcing and testing the other needed components.

Avoid compromise on efficiency or performance

These standard full brick AC/DC power supplies are easily mounted to your PCB without compromising on efficiency and performance. Available output voltages range from 12V to 48V, with respective output currents from 8.4A to 2.1A. For higher voltages and power, the CBM100S series can be put in series.

Key features:

  • 17mm ultra low profile package
  • High efficiency up to 90% typical
  • No load input power consumption ‹0.5W
  • Baseplate cooled full load, not requiring a fan
  • Over current, temperature and voltage protection
  • Universal input range 90~264Vac
  • Safety meets EN60950-1
  • Built-in EN55022 class B filter
  • Active PFC meets EN61000-3-2
  • Serial operation for higher voltage/power

Looking for something different?

We design semi-customised power conversion solutions that will fit your specific requirements.

If you need a customised power supply for your application, we provide tailored solutions based on Cincon’s platform of highly efficient and reliable products.

We can help you design semi-custom power solutions for non-standard applications. Our in-house experts can design and deliver standards compliant, fully-tested semi-custom power solutions from tens of watts to kilowatts. All custom solutions are manufactured in our ISO9001 accredited facilities.

For reliable, expert design advice and custom-power supply service, contact us.

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