Motion sensors for all conditions – proven in combat

Colibrys SF2006 Accelerometer

Products that are suitable for aerospace and military use have to perform in the most demanding environments. Armies, airforces and navies require equipment that is compact, robust, reliable and manoeuvrable.

Non-military engineers and design engineers are now benefiting from rugged systems developed for military applications that are now available for commercial use. Acal BFi are working with our suppliers to make available cutting-edge technology to customers for use in industrial and military applications.

Products designed for military use are invariably sustainable, because instant replacement is logistically difficult. Many such products have had subsequent industrial and commercial applications.

Motion sensors

Military applications require extremely precise, shock-resistant guidance and navigation systems. Similarly, satellite communications systems need precision tilt sensors to stabilise moving platforms.

MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) based sensors manufactured by Colibrys are designed to function in all circumstances, and offer compact, lightweight and low-power solutions. Colibrys is one of the companies whose MEMS-based equipment and components Acal BFi distribute. The Colibrys range of high-performance MEMS accelerometers is designed to be used in inertial, tilt, vibration and seismic measurement applications.


The development of these products for military applications has resulted in low failure rates and high reliability. Some of the applications these sensors are used in include:

  • aircraft navigation systems
  • flight control
  • attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS)
  • strap-down inertial measurement units (SIMUs)
  • in-flight structural testing including flutter testing
  • health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) for helicopters
  • stabilisation systems
  • ground vibration testing (GVT) including wind tunnel testing, and
  • landing gear response.

Today’s smart munitions and missiles increasingly incorporate inertial measurement units for short range weapon system guidance. In addition to the usual high performance of the accelerometers and gyros involved, this application requires sensors with high shock resistance and post-shock stability.

Working with Acal BFi

The full Colibrys range of accelerometers for both industrial and military applications is available via Acal BFi. We supply sensor assemblies that work in all environments with accuracy, repeatability and long life. We have the expertise to create customised sensor assemblies for each specific application, sometimes incorporating multiple sensors in one assembly.

Our experience in working with customers in all markets means we can help you select the right sensor for your application, and share our knowledge to help you reduce development times.

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