High accuracy, zero defect thermistors for harsh environments

High accuracy, zero defect thermistors for harsh environments Shibaura are a world-leading supplier of NTC thermistors, producing over 300 million annually. Their unique design and fully automated, zero defect manufacturing process means Shibaura thermistors work consistently - without failure or deterioration - in harsh conditions and extreme temperatures.

Unique design provides unmatched performance

Shibaura NTC thermistors are the first and only to feature gold contacts in addition to waterproof glass coatings. This unique design results in almost no drift in the resistance over time, while allowing the thermistors to be used in permanent operating temperatures from -60°C to +1000°C, and in applications that are prone to frequent thermal cycles and high levels of humidity.

How the Shibaura range is different

The unique construction of Shibaura NTC thermistors provides two major advantages over standard thermistors containing silver-palladium contacts and tin solder.

  1. No resistance drift over time - Performance of ceramic sensing elements in traditional thermistors gradually becomes unstable due to the ambient humidity, temperature, and voltage bias present at the terminals, causing migration of metallic ions in the contact through the sensing element.
    • Instead of silver-palladium (Si-Pd) contacts, Shibaura NTC thermistor contacts are made of gold (Au), which prevents ions from migrating through the sensing element and results in no resistance drift or degradation in performance over time.
    • Shibaura NTC thermistors are also made with waterproof glass coatings which allow them to be used applications that are prone to high humidity.
  2. Solders do not wear down during thermal cycles - Typical tin solders perform poorly in applications with frequent thermal cycles that have a wide temperature range. Repeated thermal cycles end up creating micro cracks in the solders, leading to an unstable and noisy reading. Permanent working temperatures can usually also not exceed 180°C - 200°C.
    • Shibaura NTC thermistors use gold solders which do not deteriorate over thermal cycles, allowing for use in extreme temperatures while providing a clear, stable reading. A +1000°C permanent working temperature is guaranteed.

High accuracy and price competitive

In addition, Shibaura NTC thermistors offer accuracy of ±0.5% to ±10% on R (and ±0.1°C to ±2.0°C in temperature) between 0°C to +300°C, and are competitively priced when matched against the quality and reliability of a traditional thermistor.

Common applications

These superior quality NTC thermistors are suitable for applications that:

  • May be prone to wear from frequently changing humidity levels and thermal conditions e.g. air conditioning systems
  • Require permanent working temperatures between -60°C and up to +1000°C
  • Have frequent thermal cycles with a wide temperature range e.g. engines, electric motors, kettles, boilers, and power resistors
  • Need high stability
  • Require self-heated thermistors for measurement of:
    • Absolute humidity and variations e.g. automatic cooking or drying
    • Wind speed, fluid speeds or mass flow e.g. water, gas or fuel
    • Levelling e.g. water, fuel or fluids
    • Gas e.g. chromatography

We are the exclusive Shibaura distributor in Europe

Browse the Shibaura thermistor range and request a quote online, or if you have any questions, contact our in-house technical experts.

Need a customised sensor probe or assembly?

In addition to supplying off the shelf products, our development team have more than 25 years' experience designing custom sensor probes and assemblies for a range of applications.

We can help you choose the right sensor element, design a suitable housing, and add the appropriate cable and connectors. Custom sensing assemblies are particularly useful in harsh and high-end applications, and our team of engineers will help ensure you have a sensor probe that is suitable and ready to use.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are the exclusive Shibaura distributor in Europe

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