Helping you find the right COM form factor, pin-out and processor

Embedded Computer-On-Modules boards

Computer-on-Modules (COMs) can certainly cut design time by integrating generic PC functions into an easily embedded, single-board computer. But finding the right form factor, pin-out and processor can take time and skill.

A choice of form factors and processors

That is why Acal BFi combine one of the widest ranges of COM form factors with the latest Intel®, Freescale, AMD and SoC processors in addition to in-house assembly, manufacturing and test. The breadth of our range allows you to specify a COM which meets your criteria for price, performance, size and ruggedisation, whilst cutting your time to market.

Custom carrier boards

Once the core PC functions are in place, a custom carrier board can enable you to add application-specific functionality such as interface connectors for data storage, ethernet, the keyboard, mouse and display, or other peripherals.

Cutting your time to market

By freeing you from creating generic PC functions, COMs allow you to focus on innovative features for your design objectives whilst ensuring that it is based on a rugged and field-proven system.

In addition to support from the experts in our Microsystems team, Acal BFi offer starter kits which can get your design off to a sure start and help throughout your development process. In-house assembly, integration and test services also help make certain that your design hits the production line in the shortest possible time.

Field-proven technology

Acal BFi COMs are field-proven in applications which range from programmable automation controllers, security gateways, civil and military aeronautics, renewable energy controllers, and test and measurement, to EPOS, medical and digital signage systems. We work with you to provide robust systems on which you can build innovative and cost-effective products which are optimised for your market.

Available form factors

  • Mini – 84mm x 55mm.
  • QSeven (Q7) – 70mm x 70mm.
  • PC104/PC104+ – 96mm x 90mm.
  • Compact – 95mm x 95mm.
  • ETX – 95mm x 114mm.
  • Basic – 125mm x 95 mm.

Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imagination

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