GeoSil™ pure silica core fibres

GeoSil™ pure silica core fibres

OFS (Optical Fibre Solutions) were born from Bell Laboratories and were the first commercial producers of optical fibres, optical connectors, ribbon cables and attenuators. They are now owned by Furukwa Electrica Co. Ltd. (FEC).

OFS are specialist manufactures of optical fibres' and specialise in optical design, fibre performance and special coatings which allow a fibre to perform mechanically in exceptional environmental conditions.

Why pure silica core?

Distributed Temperature Systems (DTS) provide temperature measurements over the complete length of the optical fibre. This technology provides highly sensitive and accurate measurements and is able to identify a source of changes in well performance with the ability to be monitored in real-time.

DTS commonly use traditional optical fibres which have high germanium concentration levels within its core and are often deployed in rich-hydrogen environments with elevated temperature levels of more than 250°C and, in turn elevates pressure. The combination of elevated pressure and high temperature causes hydrogen to diffuse into the fibre core causing increased attenuation (optical loss) within the fibre.

GeoSil fibre is produced using pure silica, which is resistant to hydrogen ingression and does not rely on using core dopants, making it ideal for use in down-hole applications.

Silicone, Arcylate and Polyimide coating

Silicone - is a soft primary coating which cushions the fibre and provides superior low (-60°) to high (200°) temperature performance. This type of fibre is resistant to water vapour and chemicals offering low micro-bending loss and is easy to mechanically strip.

Arcylate - is a standard optical fibre, especially designed for telecommunications use. The arcylate also provides a soft cushion and is coated with an inner and outer layer. The inner layer softly cushions the fibre during bending and is easy to strip whilst the outer layer acts as a high modulus and protects the fibre from abrasion.

GeoSil pure silica core - combines and unites the features of silicone and arcylate coatings in form of a standard fibre size of 250 (125 cladding).

PYROCOAT Polyimide® - is heat and cold resistant and combines pure silica technology with advanced carbon layering and high temperature which is well suited for harsh environments and is a good solution for embedded sensing applications due to its Polyimide coating.

The benefits of using Polyimide coating include:

  • high strength, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant
  • operating temperature range: -196°C to 300°C and up to 400°C (short duration)
  • ideal for use in compact constructions and tight bends (down hole)
  • strong and hard enough to be used in tough down-hole applications or high temperature applications, and
  • tested to cryogenic temperatures to -196°C

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