Field-proven rugged COM modules

ADLINK rugged COM Express module harsh environments

When size and weight need to be reduced but performance maintained or improved,Acal BFi can offer small, low power, rugged COMs which are perfect for light-weight designs such as handheld devices and mobile equipment. Low power consumption increases efficiency and reduces cost, whilst built-in durability means you can rely on these devices to work in applications where repair or replacement is difficult.

Meeting challenging requirements

Acal BFi’s range includes some of the most durable COM devices in the industry, with field-proven reliability and performance. These COMs meet the most challenging requirements, including extremes of temperature, humidity, shock and vibration. Our design process includes:

  • high-quality component selection
  • 50% thicker PCB to reduce vibration
  • 100% post production test, not batch testing, and
  • highly accelerated life testing (HALT).

This attention to detail means our rugged COMs meet required standards over the industrial and military operating temperature ranges.

Truly rugged design and test

We believe in the ability of these devices to deliver, consistently, in the harshest of environments. By working closely with leading suppliers such as ADLINK, we have access to information on the design and test of these components, which, for ADLINK, includes the following.

  • Random vibration testing – equating to an RMS value of 11.95G of random vibration between 100Hz and 1kHz along each axis. Components are fully operational during testing and test routines are run continually, ensuring complete confidence in test data.
  • Mechanical shock – each unit tested is placed on a shock machine and subjected to three shocks in each direction along three mutually perpendicular axes for a total of 18 shocks. These are at 50g peak value at a duration  of 11ms for each shock.
  • Temperature and voltage testing – modules are tested outside the normal extended temperature ranges and against minimum and maximum voltages to show functionality and stability in extreme conditions.

Sourcing rugged COM modules from Acal BFi

If you need to find truly rugged COM modules for your application, talk to us about accessing our range of field-proven embedded computing technology. In addition to the modules, we offer optional conformal coating, protecting against a range of operating risks, including electromigration, corrosion, short circuits and dendritic growth. Our acrylic conformal coating is moisture resistant, flexible and has excellent dielectric qualities.

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