Easy and accurate measurement of surface voltage


Handheld electrostatic voltmeters allow accurate, non-contacting measurement of electrostatic surface voltage. They are especially useful in industrial applications such as measuring static charge in semiconductor manufacture or measuring charge accumulation in the LCD manufacturing process.

Acal BFi supply non-contacting voltmeters from Trek Inc, an acknowledged industry leader. Our customers benefit from the fact that our engineering staff are regularly trained by leading suppliers such as Trek, meaning we offer specialist expertise as well as product knowledge.

Non-contacting electrostatic voltmeters allow the measurement of surface voltage. Trek’s probe design ensures high-speed response, low noise and low drift, even across wide temperature ranges and in high humidity, and even in the presence of contaminating particulates.

Trek’s voltmeters have many applications, including electrophotography and material surface testing. In non-contacting voltmeters, surface discharge is measured without touching the device – this is especially important where devices are sensitive to damage caused by electrostatic discharge or moving surfaces.

Advantages of the 520 series for the customer

The competitively-priced 520 series uses a new measurement technique that overcomes the disadvantages of traditional handheld meters by providing surface voltage measurements which are essentially independent of the sensor probe-to-measured surface spacing.

  • Over a spacing range of 5mm-25mm, the Trek 520 provides better than 5% voltage measurement accuracy.
  • Over a spacing range of 30mm-60mm, the Trek 523 provides better than 5% voltage measurement accuracy.
  • For comparison, a typical handheld field meter gives a voltage measurement error of in excess of 50%.

The slender probe design allows the 520 series to make measurements at locations impossible to reach using the bulky sensing surfaces of the typical handheld meter. The slender design also brings about higher surface spatial resolution capability by allowing the measurement of small surface areas.

A ‘hold’ push button retains the displayed voltage reading, making it easier to record.

Industry sectors that would benefit from the technology of the 520 series

  • Hard-disk-drive production.
  • Film processing.
  • Food.
  • Telecoms.
  • Textiles.
  • Packaging.
  • Chemicals.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
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