Colibrys capacitive MEMS motion sensors offer high stability and dynamic range

Colibrys motion sensor

Sensors that measure movement have a multitude of uses. Many have life-saving roles to play in flagging up impending mechanical breakdowns in systems or components.

Precise measurement and early warning of faults are of great significance when it comes to preserving structural and mechanical integrity, where small margins can make huge differences.

MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) capacitive motion sensors provide unprecedented levels of sensitivity, stability and dynamic range. Colibrys MEMS motion sensors also offer high shock tolerance and thermal stability, making them rugged enough for industries such as transport and construction, and for applications including:

  • bogie monitoring
  • platform stabilisation
  • structural monitoring (buildings, bridges, dams)
  • automotive testing
  • earthquake monitoring
  • strong motion free field network

Age of the train

The 21st century has seen a growing network of high-speed railway lines across Europe. The trains that use them are among the most advanced on the planet, and are fitted with motion sensors to monitor vibration, shock, distance travelled and acceleration. The aims are to improve safety and to minimise wear and tear on vital components. Application-specific motion-sensor assemblies have been incorporated into monitoring systems on train bogies, where they identify any instability that could lead to a future problem.

Saving lives while cutting costs

The uses of MEMS sensors are also more subtle. The precise measurement of coach-to-track distances aids long-term component maintenance, whereas vibrations or shocks in high-speed-train bogie systems will impact upon how freight contents withstand the rigours of transport.

In areas prone to earthquakes, homes, offices, bridges, tunnels, railway lines and dams are nowadays being fitted with motion sensors that confirm structural integrity before such devastating natural disasters, providing early warning of the scale of potential damage.

Increasing use

Colibrys is a world-renowned manufacturer of motion sensors, specifically with high reliability and performance in mind. With the added advantage of being competitively priced, Colibrys MEMS motion sensors are steadily superseding electromechanical and piezo sensing solutions, which tend to be more expensive, cumbersome, and not as reliable.

Working closely with Colibrys, Acal BFi are able to offer these unique motion sensors and the technical expertise and support needed. We also offer services to further enhance the products, such as specialist packaging and testing, so as to match your specialist application.

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