Case study and interview – Remote monitoring in open water

Case study and interview – Remote monitoring in open waterFind out how Acal BFi’s flexible and creative engineering design approach helped support Thinnovation with an almost impossible set of design requirements for their remote monitoring solution, Remon.

  • The challenge  
    With sensors sending data to the Cloud from boats in the middle of a marina, Thinnovation’s Remon solution required data to travel up to 10km wirelessly. It had to be cost effective and operate for at least one year on battery power alone. It also had to be user friendly and scalable, allowing end-users to self-install the system.

  • The solution  
    Having considered multiple technologies, Thinnovation contacted Acal BFi regarding a relatively new wireless technology, LoRaWAN. To deliver all of Thinnovation’s requirements, Acal BFi provided complete design support to develop an advanced design with four wireless technologies that also brought new additional features and functionality. 

  • The benefits 
    By working with Acal BFi designers and splitting the data journey into smaller stages, Acal BFi were able to suggest different wireless technology solutions, enhancing the software to provide an even better solution for Thinnovations’ customers.

Find out how Acal BFi directly supported this customer with the latest wireless technology in our case study, and hear how this advanced level of support benefited their design from Nic Burkinshaw, Director, Thinnovation, in our exclusive interview below.

Case study – free download

Case study – free downloadRead the full case study to find out how intelligent design with the right technology overcame conflicting requirements.

USI LoRa SiP module technical application note

USI LoRa SiP module technical application note Exclusive to Acal BFi, this detailed technical application note will give you a head start with the USI LoRa module for your IoT deployment.

Exclusive interview with Thinnovation

Watch the exclusive interview video between Director of Thinnovation, Nic Burkinshaw, and Acal BFi Field Application Engineer, Alan Reed, here:


Case study and interview – Remote monitoring in open water

Find out how Acal BFi overcame an almost impossible brief with the latest IoT technology solutions and innovative design

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