Acal BFi sign pan-European agreement with Rebellion Photonics

Acal BFi sign pan-European agreement with Rebellion PhotonicsAcal BFi have further developed their photonics and imaging portfolio by becoming Rebellion Photonics’ sole technical partner in Europe to offer their range of next-generation gas-leak-detection and monitoring systems. Some of the biggest oil, gas and chemical companies in the world use Rebellion Photonics' technology to mitigate high-risk safety and environmental issues, loss of product, delays to production and the related economic losses.

Customers across Europe can now access high-quality hyperspectral imaging technology with advanced detection algorithms to identify and quantify gas releases in real time. This cutting-edge technology is fully autonomous and automated, capable of detecting leaks day and night with a response time of less than one second, and is unaffected by wind and other weather conditions. The system automatically detects, identifies and quantifies the gas, generates an alert, and provides real-time video of the leak, allowing the operator to take immediate mitigating action.

Accurate detection of gas leaks up to 1.7km away

Rebellion Photonics' gas-cloud-imaging (GCI) cameras use proprietary technology, both visible spectrum and infrared video, to detect leaks up to 1.7km away. The self-calibrating hardware is significantly more accurate at detecting gas releases than most traditional imaging systems, eliminating the need to buy additional gas-detection hardware.

Unlike other gas-leak-detection systems, Rebellion’s GCI technology both identifies and quantifies gas leaks for most hydrocarbons and other dangerous gases. For example, GCI cameras can detect a cloud of ammonia 2m in depth with an average concentration as low as 7ppm, accurately estimating the volume of gas emitted.

Specialist engineers provide on-site design and integration support

A small design change can have a major impact on the area covered and the total costs when designing and integrating a gas-release-detection system. With over 30 years’ experience in the photonics and thermal-imaging industry, Acal BFi engineers have the in-depth knowledge to design highly efficient solutions with customers as an extension to their in-house teams.

Alex Schneider, Business Development Director at Acal BFi

Alex Schneider, Business Development Director at Acal BFi, commented: “Rebellion Photonics technology is outstanding: it provides customers with enhanced safety, exceptional value, and the ability to manage their oil and gas systems in real time. We work with Rebellion because their technology can detect leaks from 1.7km away and still give you highly accurate readings, which is totally unique. We are proud to offer this cutting-edge technology to our customers.”

Robert Kester, CEO of Rebellion Photonics

Robert Kester, CEO of Rebellion Photonics, added: “Acal BFi are the technology experts and speak the customer's language. They offer the service level and integrity customers expect, sharing their expertise to enable them to use technology of this calibre in their designs. We are excited to see what new designs and solutions this partnership will create over the coming years.”

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