Acal BFi non-linear crystals selection guide now available

Electromechanical brochure

Double sided product guide, providing an overview of our non-linear crystals.

Popular non-linear crystals include KDP, KD*P and KTP (which can be used for Harmonic Generation – SHG, THG, FHG but also as Pockels cells / Q-Switches), BBO and LBO (used as Harmonic Generators but also in Optical Parametric Devices – OPO, OPA, OPG, OPCPA). AgGaS2 and AgGaSe2 have allowed to reach MIR wavelength with all solid state laser designs and many new materials are available for more specic or recent applications.

Materials covered include:

  • Beta Barium Borate
  • LBO
  • CLBO
  • KDP, KD*P (DKDP)
  • Potassium Titanyl Phosphate - KTP Crystals
  • KTA
  • AgGaS2, AgGaSe2, GaSe and ZnGeP2
  • AgGaS2
  • AgGaSe2
  • GaSe and
  • ZnGeP2.

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