High Temperature VRS Sensor

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Manufacturer Honeywell

Honeywell - Sensors

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High Temperature VRS sensors are designed for use in applications where the sensor is exposed to temperatures up to 260 OC. Sealed Front-End versions are available for applications where the sensor is exposed to fluids, lubricants or adverse environmental conditions. Passive VRS (Variable Reluctance Speed) Magnetic Speed sensors are simple, rugged devices that do not require an external voltage source for operation. A permanent magnet in the sensor establishes a fixed magnetic field. The approach and passing of a ferrous metal target near the sensor's pole piece (sensing area) changes the flux of the magnetic field, dynamically changing its strength. This change in magnetic field strength induces a current into a coil winding which is attached to the output terminals. The output signal of a VRS sensor is an ac voltage that varies in amplitude and wave frequency as the speed of the monitored device changes, and is usually expressed in peak to peak voltage (Vp-p). One complete waveform (cycle) occurs as each target passes the sensor's pole piece. If a standard gear were used as a target, this output signal would resemble a sine wave if viewed on an oscilloscope.

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  • Self-powered operation
  • Direct conversion of actuator speed to output frequency
  • Simple installation
  • No moving parts
  • Designed for use over a wide range of speeds
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of configurations
  • Customized VRS products for unique speed sensing applications
  • Output voltages: 4.7 Vp-p to 125 Vp-p
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Pole Piece Shape & Size (mm) Round; 4.39 mm Diameter  

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Sensor Diameter (mm) 15.9  
Sensor Mounting Thread 5/8-18 UNF-2A  
Gear Pitch Range 12 DP  
Operating Frequency (kHz) 40  
Inductance (mH) 85  
Coil Resistance (Ω) 120 to 162  
Housing Material Stainless Steel Threaded  
Housing Length (mm) 104  
Termination MS3106 Connector  
Weight (g) 98  
Operating Temperature (°C) -54 to 220