Precision Navigation and Pointing Gyroscope

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Silicon Sensing

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PinPoint® is a single-axis MEMS angular rate sensor (gyro) capable of measuring angular velocity up to a maximum of ±1,000º/s which has two output modes; an analogue voltage signal which is linearly proportional to angular speed, and a digital signal in SPI® protocol. The choice of output mode; analogue or digital, is determined by the user when connecting it to the user's host PCBA.

PinPoint® is available in several configurations; a) CRM100 which measures angular velocity about an axis perpendicular to the plane of the host PCBA, referred to as 'in-plane' sensing, b) CRM200 which measures angular velocity about an axis which is parallel to the plane of the host PCBA, referred to as 'orthogonal' sensing c) CRM120 which measures angular velocity about an axis 20º off the perpendicular for applications where the host PCBA is a 20º an inclined angle. This datasheet relates to part number CRM100.

With a combination of CRM100 and CRM200 it is possible for the user to measure angular rate of multiple axes (e.g. any combination of pitch, yaw and roll) from a single host PCBA.

PinPoint® is supplied as a PCBA surface mountable LCC ceramic packaged device. It comprises five main components; silicon MEMS ring Sensor, Pedestal, ASIC, Package Base and Lid.

There are eight actuators / transducers distributed evenly around the perimeter of the silicon MEMS ring. Located about its primary axes are a single pair of 'primary drive' actuators and a single pair of 'primary pick-off' transducers. Located about its secondary axes (at 45° to the primary) are two pairs of 'secondary pick-off' transducers.

The 'primary drive' actuators and 'primary pick-off' transducers act together in a closed-loop system to excite and control the ring primary operating vibration amplitude and frequency.

Secondary 'pick-off' transducers detect radial movement at the secondary axes, the magnitude of which is proportional to the angular speed of rotation and from which the gyro derives angular rate.

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  • Small (6.3 x 5.5 x 2.7mm)
  • Proven and robust silicon MEMS vibrating ring gyro
  • Low bias instability (24º/hr) over short integration period (<1s)
  • Low Angular Random Walk (0.28º/hr)
  • In-plane, orthogonal and 20º inclined sensing options (CRM100, CRM200 and CRM120)
  • User selectable dynamic ranges; 75º/s, 150º/s, 300º/s and 900º/s (maximum 1,000º/s)
  • Analogue and Digital ( SPI® ) output modes
  • User adjustable bandwidth to 160Hz
  • 3V supply
  • Low power consumption (4mA)
  • High shock and vibration rejection
  • Hermetically sealed ceramic LCC surface mount package for temperature and humidity resistance
  • Integral temperature sensor
  • Low integration cost
  • Design tools and resources available
  • RoHS compliant
  • AEC Q100 tested
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Angular Rate Range (Digital) (°/s) ± 75, ± 150, ± 300, ± 900  

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Angular Rate Scale Factor (Digital) 8, 24, 48, 96 LSB/°/s  
Angular Rate Scale Factor Error (Digital) ± 1  
Noise (Digital) ( °/s rms) 0.018  
Angular Rate Range (Analogue) (°/s) ± 75, ± 150, ± 300, ± 900  
Angular Rate Scale Factor (Analogue) Range Dependant  
Bandwidth (Hz) 5 to 160  
Supply Voltage (V) 2.7 to 3.6  
Supply Current (mA) 4  
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 105