Single or Dual Stream STANAG3910 EFEX Interface Test and Simulation Module

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Manufacturer AIM


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The AVX3910-x is a member of AIM's new 4th generation family of advanced VMEbus modules for analysing, simulating, monitoring and testing STANAG3910/ EFAbus Express (EFEX) databuses. The AVX3910-x modules provide Bus Controller, Multiple Remote Terminal Simulation and Chronological/ Mailbox Bus Monitoring functions with all modes operating concurrently. The standard AVX3910-x variant provides one or two fully independent dual redundant STANAG3910 Low Speed and High Speed interfaces on a single VMEbus card.

The AVX3910-x can be used for Protocol Testing and Simulation of STANAG3910 LS/HS Bus Controller, Multiple Remote Terminals and Chronological Monitoring at full bus loads. All BC/RT/BM operations are performed concurrently with no degradation in performance in any operational LS/HS mode. The HS section of the AVX3910-x supports EFAbus Direct Digital Links (DDL) and Fibre Optic DDL (FODDL) acquisition. EFAbus Express (EFEX) extensions to the STANAG3910 protocol are fully supported and both protocols are co-resident and accessible by a software switch. The AVX3910-x incorporates full protocol error injection and detection and allows the reconstruction and replay of previously recorded electrical/ optical STANAG3910 bus traffic to the LS/HS databus with excellent timing accuracy.

The AVX3910-x card uses AIM's Next Generation 'Common Core' (NCC) hardware design utilising multiple RISC processors with up to 32MB of global RAM and 128MB of ASP RAM. An Application Support Processor (ASP) that executes the Driver Softwareonboard minimises the load on the host processing system. The onboard processing and large memory provided allows autonomous operation for real time applications and reduces interaction with the host processing system. An IRIG-B time encoder/ decoder that provides both sinusoidal and a free wheeling mode is included for time tag synchronisation at the system level for single or multiple AVX3910-x modules.

Full function driver software is delivered with the AVX3910-x cards in a comprehensive Board Software Package (BSP).The optional PBA.proTM Databus Test and Analysis Tool (for Windows and Linux can also be purchased for use with AVX3910-x cards. For legacy PBA-3910/ ParaView Databus Analyser/ Visualiser Software (for Windows) please contact the factory. For more details see the 'Driver Software' section below. Special PBA.proTM software components are available for supporting the SAE AS4112 RT Production Test Plan and components are also available for Optical testing for the fully programmable VOX3910-CTX-V module that can control parameters of the Databus optical waveform.

Two variants of the AVX3910-x Module are supported. The standard AVX3910-x provides a single slot solution with all the databus Electrical and Optical signals accessible on a single front panel. The AVX3910-x-CTX module variants provide a PREN3715 interface to connect a VOX3910-CTX-V module in an adjacent VMEbus slot. The VOX3910-CTX-V module provides a programmable Fibre Optic Front End for optical waveform testing.

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  • Concurrent HS/LS BC, Multi RT (31) & Chronological Monitor
  • Full HS/LS Error Injection/Detection
  • HS/LS Complex Triggering, Data Capture/Filtering, 100% HS/LS Bus Recording
  • HS/LS Physical Bus Replay
  • IRIG-B Time Encoder/Decoder
  • Full function, Monitor only & Simulator only versions available
  • Driver Software Included: VxWorks and 'C/C++' Source Code
  • Optional Databus Analyzer & Analysis Software
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Number of Channels 2  
Single/Multifunction Yes  
Ruggedised Option No  
Extended Temp Option Yes