Terahertz Pyroelectric Detector

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Microtech Instruments

Description :

The pyro-electric detector based on LiTaO3 crystal, is designed for registration of modulated electromagnetic radiation in the millimetre and sub-millimetre wavelength range. At square wave modulation of radiation, the saw-tooth signal voltage from the detector is proportional to the intensity of radiation. A black filter is mounted on the detector input to prevent parasitic illumination in visible and infrared regions. The detector is equipped with a standard BNC connector.

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  • Operating spectral range 0.02-3 THz
  • Typical Responsitivity 1000 V/W
  • Dynamic Range 1 µW - 10 mW
  • Optimal modulation frequency 5-30 Hz
  • Benefits

  • New THz Imaging Acquisition Software, compatible with the DAU-3, boosts the performance of Pyroelectric Detectors.