Terahertz Thin Film Polarizers, THz

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Microtech Instruments

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Thin Film Terahertz Polarizers are designed for applications in the 0.1-3.0 THz range. The polarizers consist of any array of metal stripes fabricated on a polymer membrane using an ultrafast laser micromachining technique. THz thin film polarizers provide performance comparable to free-standing wire grids, such as G25S and G30S, made of 10um wires spaced by 25um and 30um respectively.

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  • Spectral range: 0.1THz - 3.0 THz
  • Metal stripe width: 15µm
  • Clear stripe width: 15µm
  • External diameter: 98mm
  • Clear aperture: 85mm
  • Rotating holders : Model RH1 is designed for 98 mm diameter polarizers, and enables a 360°rotation.
  • Rotating holders : Model RH2 is designed for 98 mm diameter polarizers, and enables 2-axis adjustments and 360°rotation.
  • Benefits

  • The main advantage of thin film THz polarizers is significantly larger clear aperture - up to 85mm in diameter.