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  • INNO-SPEC OrangeEye Scan VNIR Spectral Imaging systems

    VNIR Hyperspectral Imaging System, 500-950nm, with integrated LED source

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  • Pixelteq SpectroCam SWIR Multispectral Imaging 500-1700nm

    Multispectral SWIR Imaging Camera, 500-1700nm

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  • ARCoptix ARCSpectro-HT-Serie Static Spectrometer

    High Throughput Fourier Transform Spectrometer for diffuse reflected light

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  • IR_spectroscopy_brochure_NI

    New Acal BFi IR spectroscopy brochure now available

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  • GRP-000226

    Acal BFi – find out what makes us different

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