Multispectral SWIR Imaging Camera, 500-1700nm

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SpectroCam SWIR

Manufacturer PIXELTEQ


Description :

SpectroCam Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) multispectral cameras deliver sequential full-frame images for up to 6 spectral bands between 500 – 1700nm at rates up to 30 frames per second (~5 stacks per second). Using standard and custom interchangeable filters, SpectroCam images the spectral bands fit to your specific applications. The SpectroCam SWIR camera is configurable to support a variety of wavelength ranges (SWIR, NIR-SWIR, VIS-SWIR), lenses (F-mount standard), and image formats.

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  • Multispectral Wheel Camera
  • Spectral response: VIS-SWIR: 500 - 1700nm (640 x 512pixel) or SWIR 1000 - 1700nm
  • InGaAs sensor, 640 x 512px format for VIS and 320 x 256 px for SWIR
  • Frame rate up to 30Hz
  • Up to 30 frames/second acquisition for persistent video
  • On-board AGC & NUC delivers quality images in day & night lighting
  • 14-bit CameraLink output supports high speed digital video
  • Standard F-Mount for a range of lens choices, focal lengths, FOV's
  • Compact size
  • Benefits

  • 6 optical filter positions with interchangeable filters
  • Stock filters or custom designs for specified wavebands
  • Scientific InGaAs Sensor or various sensor/camera options
  • Standard compact size or customized housing for a variety of mechanical and environmental requirements.
  • Acquisition software or customized user interface
  • Proof of concept prototypes to high volume manufacturing
  • OEM & fully integrated versions available
  • Main applications: Aerial & remote sensing, Authentication & surveillance, Biomedical imaging & instrumentation, Low-light obscured vision enhancement, Semiconductor & solar panel inspection
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