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Photo Research PR-670 Spectroradiometer

Manufacturer's part number :

PR-670 Spectroradiometer

Manufacturer Photo Research Inc

Photo Research Inc

Description :

The PR-670 SpectraScan with its unique design makes tasks such as spectrally based photometric and colorimetric measurements, source spectral power distribution, dominant wavelength and correlated color temperature quick and simple. This unique, portable battery powered instrument utilizes a fast-scanning 256 detector element spectometer with a spectral resolution of 1.56 nm per pixel and is supplied with 4 automated measuring apertures (1°, 1/2°, 1/4° and 1/8°) and automated measure shutter. The PR-670 displays data and color spectral and CIE graphs on the system display.

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    • Spectroradiometer wavelength range: 380 to 780 nm
    • Spectral bandwidth: 8 nm (5 nm optional)
    • Spectral Accuracy: ± 1 nm
    • Luminance Range : 0.01 to 2,500,000 fL
    • Liminance accuracy (Against NIST luminance standard): ± 2%
    • Luminance repeatability: ≤ 1%
    • Color Accuracy (for Illuminant A): ±0.0015 in CIE 1931 x,y
    • Full Color Touch screen display
    • Wide Dynamic Range
    • USB Interface
    • Bluetooth ready (optional)


    • Applications: Projector Calibration, Automotive and Aerospace Display Testing, Photometric and colorimetric measurements, LED testing, Color Rendering Index (CRI)/ Correlated color temperature, Display luminance abd color, Reflectance / Transmittance
    • Wide dynamic range: When it is necessary to test devices that emit low lows and high highs, the wide dynamic range of the PR-670 (0.01 to 2.5 million footlamberts [0.034 to 8.6 million cd/m²] @ 10:1 signal to noise) provides the solution.
    •  Easy-to-use menu based software
    • Address almost any display measurement requirement
    • Connects to virtually any PC
    • Wireless, remote data transfer
    • Excellent for field use
    • Save thousands of measurements

    PR-600 Serie - Demo Video

    PR-600 Serie - Demo Video