Epoxy Free Bonding


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Epoxy Free Bonding

Manufacturer Precision Photonics

Precision Photonics

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CADB® optical bonding technology. CADB results in epoxy-free optical paths that are 100% optically transparent with negligible scattering and absorptive losses at the interfaces. CADB can be used with or without our (IBS) ion-beam-sputtered dielectric thin film coatings to produce high energy laser optics and solid state laser components such as polarizing beamsplitter cubes, microchip lasers and wave plates.

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  • Adhesive-free bonding of coated or uncoated surfaces
  • Wide range of materials including yag, nd:yag, sic and sapphire
  • Zero thickness bondline (no wedge, no scattering, no absorption)
  • Suitable for high power solid state laser assemblies
  • Benefits

  • Microchip and thin disk lasers
  • Beamsplitter cubes
  • Planar waveguides
  • Air-gap etalons
  • Zero-order waveplates
  • Laser rods with endcaps
  • Custom monolithic assemblies