High Performance Single Chip GPS Receiver

Manufacturer's part number :

FC Oncore

Manufacturer I-Lotus


Description :

FC Oncore Version B is an extremely small high performance GPS receiver, capable of weak signal operation. Based around the Serf GSCi-5000 Single Chip GPS Navigation Engine and SiRF provided firmware. It contains all the functional blocks to perform autonomous, MS-Based or MS-Assisted GPS operations. This comprehensive, self-contained GPS receiver is designed to allow fast, cost effective and easy integration of GPS functionality into new and existing platforms. FC Oncore supports either a passive or an active antenna input and either UART or SPI serial communications.

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  • Tiny size - 12.0x 16.6x 2.5 mm
  • Autonomous capable - Simple serial host Interface
  • Correlators - 8192
  • Fast Time Resolution - Resolve time from GPS Signal
  • Power Manager - Software controlled
  • Clock Manager - Onboard TCXO only active while position measurement active
  • 20KB SRAM - Keep alive patch RAM
  • LGA Packaging - Connector elimination
  • Low IF Front End - Low RF Component count
  • On-Chip LNA - Support Active or Passive Antenna
  • Assisted protocols - Support of Industry standard A-GPS Protocol
  • RoHS Compliance - Free from hazardous substances
  • Benefits

  • Low impact on host product size
  • No real time demands on your host application
  • Good initial acquisition and low power consumption
  • Eliminates need for highly accurate time transfer from host application
  • Optimize power consumption for your application
  • Minimizes power 256K
  • Load patches or code
  • Low-cost production
  • Good jamming immunity
  • Design for cost flexibility
  • Simple host software integration
  • Environmental friendly