Video processor, small, low-power, single-channel, on-board

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Designed to add advanced capabilities to camera systems, the 1500-OEM processor is a very small, low-power, single-channel on-board video processing solution which adds value to a wide range of applications. It is 1.04 x 1.48 inches (26.5 x 37.7 mm) and weighs 0.27 ounces (7.6 grams).

The board processes and streams HD video outputs to 720p/30. It operates on video right at the source, which is key for low latency performance and the best video quality.

Camera interfaces supported

  • •   Analog (NTSC or PAL) – two inputs
  • •   Sony HD EO Block FCB-EH6xxx
  • •   Sony HD EO Block FCB-EV7500
  • •   Hitachi HD EO Block DI-SC120R
  • •   FLIR Tau LWIR – direct board to camera connection
  • •   FLIR Quark LWIR – adaptor uAB board / FFC ribbon and then small adaptor board at camera
  • •   DRS Tamarisk LWIR – adaptor uAB board / FFC ribbon and then small adaptor board at camera
  • •   HDMI
  • •   Camera link

The supported Video Processing Library provides a suite of video functions that are key in a wide variety of ISR applications. Configured as either an SLA for gimbal control or SLE versions, the 1500-OEM provides a tailorable, powerful solution.

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  • Full set of video processing functions – see SightLine's Video Processing Library – including electronic stabilisation, scene and object tracking, MTD, video enhancement, recording, and encoding
  • Multiple video Inputs, single channel processing
  • Video inputs: HD, SD, analog, digital
  • Video outputs: SD encoded and analog
  • Tracker telemetry output to Gimbal system controller
  • Onboard video and snapshot recording to MicroSD
  • RS-232 or Ethernet command and control