Made-to-measure VCOs

Working with industry leading VCO vendor APA Wireless, Acal BFi can design low-phase-noise VCOs to your exact requirements with first-article samples generally available within a two to four week lead time.

Designing to your requirements

With today’s modern communications systems, the performance is often defined by the quality and specifications of the oscillators, in particular phase noise. Whilst there are off-the-shelf solutions available, for leading-edge systems the performance often falls short. Working with APA Wireless, a world leader in low phase noise VCOs, Acal BFi can provide the solution – a tailor-made VCO designed to meet your system performance requirements.

Flexible design approach

Depending on your exact requirements, two design approaches are possible.

  • INSTASOURCE - semi-custom VCOs which deliver high performance with short lead times, with first-article samples available within two weeks. This design approach is suitable for VCOs requiring frequency bandwidths of 100MHz or 300MHz, start frequencies between 800MHz and 4.4GHz, and supply voltages of +5VDC or +8VDC.
  • AccuSource - truly custom frequency sources that are tailored to your unique requirements. Define your exact requirements, then one of our engineers will let you know if the design is feasible, and agree a design time line with you.

Typical specifications for the INSTASOURCE service

Frequency bandwidth 100MHz or 300MHz   Output power +3dBm (Typ)
Supply voltage +5V or +8V   Pushing 1.0 MHz/V (Typ)
VCO start frequency 800MHz to 4.4GHz   Pulling 1.0MHz/V (Typ)
Package 12mm x 12mm x 6mm   Harmonics 15dBc (Typ)D
Supply current 30mA (Typ)   Phase noise @10kHz offset -111dB
VTune 0.5V to 4.5V   Typical first -article lead time 2-4 weeks
KVCO-MHz/V 5-40MHz/V      

Benefits of made-to-measure VCOs

In working with Acal BFi to develop a custom VCO you will benefit from:

  • custom design - tailored to your requirements for optimum system performance
  • low-phase noise - improves system performance, and
  • shorter development cycles – guaranteed oscillator performance.

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