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Safran Colibrys
Safran Colibrys

Introducing Safran Colibrys

Safran Colibrys are a world-leading supplier of MEMS based motion sensors suited best for harsh-environments (Military, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Rail) and safety critical applications (Industrial and Instrumentation).

With over 25 years MEMs development and production expertise, Safran Colibrys are a proven partner for applications that demand high-quality and reliable motion sensors with a range that includes extremely low noise, shock resistant seismic sensors, high stability shock tolerant inertial and shock accelerometer tilt sensors as well as DC coupled capacitive vibration sensors.

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Acceleration Sensors

Covering both Inertial and Inclinometer sensors, Safran Colibrys is a proven partner for the supply of MEMS accelerometers for military, aeronautic and safety critical applications, and have been specialising in the development and production of these for aggressive environments where the presence of high vibration and repetitive shock needs to be highly reliable and accurate for their entire lifetime.

As a leading supplier with over one million sensors delivered for mission-critical applications, Safran Colibrys’ outstanding overall bias performances, attractive SWaP and low noise are the key differentiation characteristics of their Inertial line. Their Inclinometers feature high resolution, low noise, long term bias repeatability, low consumption and small form factor (LCC20) with hermetically sealed packaging to ensure performance stability for challenging applications.


Tactical Grade MEMS Accelerometer

With unbeatable performances for long term bias, in-run bias, scale factor repeatability and vibration rectification error (VRE), this series of accelerometers are high performance featuring an innovative microelectromechanical design specifically for advanced, tactical grade inertial applications.

Key features:

  • In-run bias stability: 15µg
  • Long term bias repeatability: 1.2mg
  • Low Noise: 34 µg/√Hz
  • Non linearity : ±0.3% FS
  • Reliable in harsh environments
  • LC20 hermetically sealed package

Performance MS1002 MS1005 MS1010 MS1030 MS1100 Unit
Full-Scale acceleration ± 2 ± 5 ± 10 ± 30 ± 100 g
Residual Bias modelling error 0.14 0.35 0.7 2.1 7.0 mg
Long-term Bias repeatability 0.24 0.6 1.2 3.6 12.0 mg
In run bias stability 3 7.5 15 45 150 µg
Residual Scale factor modeling error 120 120 120 120 120 ppm
Scale Factor Sensitivity 1350 540 270 90 27 mV/g
Misalignment 10 10 10 10 10 mrad



High Temperature Inclinometer

Extremely high performance stability with shock resistance and the lowest non-linearity and noise in the MEMs marketplace – the TS1000T is definitely a best in class accelerometer perfect for high temperature directional drilling applications, operating from -40°C to +150°C and up to +175°C by intermittent temperature exposure.

Key features:

  • High temperature range: -40 to 175°C
  • Long term bias repeatability: +2mg for +2g range
  • Excellent Bias Residual model: < ±0.6% mg for +2g range
  • Low Noise: 7 µg/√Hz

Parameters (Typ. Value) TS1002T TS1005T TS1010T Unit
Operating temperature (>1000h) -40 to 150 -40 to 150 -40 to 150 °C
Scale Factor long term repeatability <1000 <1000 <1000 ppm
Scale factor residual modelling error <300 <300 <300 ppm
Scale Factor sensitivity 1'350 534 270 mV/g
Shock survivability (0.2ms) 6000 6000 6000 g
Size Package LCC20


Vibration Sensors

High-end capacitive MEMS sensors, specially designed for vibration measurements from DC to strong motion frequencies. Safran Colibrys sensors are perfectly suited to vibration applications that require low noise, low power, resistance to repetitive high shocks and insensitivity to temperature environments and guarantee confidence of measurements in rugged environments with high accuracy.

SI1000 Series

Seismic Sensors

Designed specifically for strong motion class B seismic measurements, this small hermetically sealed sensor guarantees accurate and stable seismic measurements and requires no re-calibration or maintenance during its lifetime.

Key features:

  • Ranges: +/-3, 5 g
  • Low Noise: 0.7 μg/√Hz (+/-3g)
  • Bandwidth: 0-550Hz (+/-3g)
  • Non linearity : ±0.3% FS
  • Size : <1cm2
  • Embedded logic functions: Self-test, reset

Key Parameter,
typical values
SI1003 SI1005 Unit
Full-Scale acceleration ± 3 ± 5 g
White Noise 0.7 1.2 μg/√Hz
Noise (Integrated over 0.1Hz to 100Hz) 8 13 μg
Dynamic range (0.1Hz to 100Hz) 108.5 108.5 dB
Scale Factor Sensitivity 900 540 mV/g
Bandwidth (±3dB) 550 700 Hz
Operational temperature -40 to +85 -40 to +85 °C
Operating power consumption 90 90 mW
Size 9 x 9 9 x 9 mm2



Vibration Sensors

High end capacitive MEMS accelerometer that’s low noise, extremely accurate and resistant to repetitive shocks. Designed to measure from DC to medium frequencies, with an insensitivity to temperature environments these sensors are best suited to rugged applications.

Key features:

  • Ranges: +2, 200g
  • Low Noise: 7 μg/√Hz (+/-2g)
  • Small LCC 20 hermetic sealed package
  • Non linearity : ±0.1% FS
  • Repetitive shock resistance (500 x 1’500g)

Key Parameter,
typical values
VS1002 VS1005 VS1010 VS1030 VS1050 VS1100 VS1200 Unit
Full-scale acceleration ± 2 ± 5 ± 10 ± 30 ± 50 ± 100 ± 200 g
Frequency range (±5%) 0-700 0-1'150 0-2'000 0-2'300 0-2'700 0-2'900 0-2'500 Hz
Frequency range (±3dB) 0-1'150 0-1'900 0-3'200 0-4'000 0-4'500 0-5'000 0-7'000 Hz
Non-linearity (full scale) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 %
Noise (in band) 7 17 34 102 170 339 678 μg/√Hz
Scale factor (nominal) 1'350 540 270 90 54 27 13.5 mV/g
Scale factor temperature coefficient 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 ppm/°C



Colibrys’ state of the art sensors

Directional drilling - MEMS inclinometer

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