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Manufacturer's part number Product description Qty

EverBeing – leading manufacturer of probing solutions


EverBeing are a probe station manufacturer, providing a complete and broad range of probing hardware. Their inventories are one of the largest for probing tips, tip holders, extension cables, triaxial / RF heads / adapters, micropositioners and microscopes. They also have complete probe stations, as well as semi-finished parts.

The markets they serve are as diverse as they are specialised, and include universities, R&D laboratories, microelectronics, nanoelectronics, microsystems, nanotechnology, micromachining, mems, material science, photonics, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and biotechnology.

C-2 probe station

EverBeing C-2 probe station

The C-2 probe station is the most portable, equipped with the same features as the full-size probe stations. It is ideal for DC and RF applications for samples of 2 inches or less. Components such as the raised platen, coaxial X-Y stage and digital microscope mount are included with the station, making it a fully featured probing set-up, yet with a small footprint and an affordable price.

EB-050 micropositioner

EverBeing EB-050 Micropositioner

The EB-050 micropositioner has three axes of movement, with a magnetic base that can be switched on or off using a slider at the rear of the assembly. It is machined for demanding probing applications with the ability to control 0.8┬Ám movement in all axes. The EB-050 is precision built for micropositioning, featuring linear motion in all three axes, and provides precise levels of control for many different probing applications.

SR-4 four-point probe stand

EverBeing SR-4 four-point probe stand
  • True vertical up / down
  • Individually constant spring loaded pin
  • Constant pin spacing
  • Ultimate repeatability
  • Chuck quick move available
  • Hot chuck available
  • Shielding box available
  • Choice of 4, 6 or 8 inch diameters

BD-6 wafer probe station

EverBeing BD-6 wafer probe station
  • Coaxial-driven chuck stage
  • RF probing field upgradable
  • 20X~4000X magnification
  • Backlash-free movement
  • Choice of microscope (tilt) up / down
  • For E-Z revolving objectives
  • Also available in 6, 8 and 12 inch diameters


If you would like to see how our test and measurement solutions best fit your applications, please contact our test and measurement department.

Email: tm.nl@acalbfi.nl

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