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Manufacturer's part number Product description Qty
Champs Technologies

Champs Technologies - high-efficiency, low-profile planar transformers and inductors

Since 1992, Champs Technologies has been designing and manufacturing planar transformers and inductors. They offer a specialist range of high efficiency, low profile products to enable customers to meet the needs of higher power and smaller applications, with quality assured by their up to date certifications such as ISO9001-2015, UL File #251699 and Conflict Minerals Compliant.

Champs Technologies are committed to providing high-quality and engineering-focused innovations, working in partnership with market-leading semiconductor manufacturers such as Linear Technology (today Analog Device), Texas instruments and On-semi to develop products fitting into their reference designs to help support customer projects.

Learn more about Champs Technologies' wide range of planar magnetic components:

What do we mean by the term "planar technology"?

A planar transformer or inductor are low-profile magnetic components which sits at the same level as the "motherboard" pcb. Planar cores reduce the space requirements, increase the power density and the overall performance. Its design and use is possible due to tooled ferrite core shapes that are available.

Champs Technologies provides a range of components based on ferrites ER, EE, PQ and other available, whose input voltage range is from few volts up to 400

Benefits of planar technology

  • Height: low profile
  • Low leakage inductance
  • Repeatable leakage inductance, capacitance
  • Volumetric efficiency (small size)
  • Low turns count improves Cu loss
  • Optimized core cross section lowers core loss
  • Large core surface promotes heat transfer
  • PCB construction yields lowest Cu loss
  • AC resistance and proximity Cu loss minimized
  • Opportunity to embed planar into PCB module

Cores for planar technology

High efficiency, low profile transformers and inductors

Champs Technologies' standard components are ideal for designers who need high efficiency, low profile planar transformers and inductors, which are ideal for high-frequency applications with restrictive space requirements. Their standard planar cores enable customers to adjust the leg length and window height without new tooling. The final core specification can be tailored to exactly accommodate the planar conductor stack height, with no wasted space.

40Rx series

40Rx series

  • Power range 150W-300W
  • Topologies forward - PSFB
  • Frequency range 100-800Khz
  • Footprint 23.4 x 20.1 mm
  • Height 7.4 to 9.8 mm


PL58-AC series

PL58-AC series

  • Power range 100W-600W
  • Topology forward converter, LLC, PSFB
  • Frequency range 100Khz 1Mhz
  • Footprint 25 x 35 mm
  • Height 10.2 mm


PQI-2050 Inductors

PQI-2050 Inductors

  • Inductance range 900nH - 500uH
  • Current rating up to 52A
  • Low DCR
  • Footprint 21,70 x 20,10 mm
  • Height 12,20 mm


Reference designs helps to speed up your time to market

Champs Technologies have created a range of reference designs for dimensions are small and when they need to exactly meet customers performance specification. These blueprints are ready to be added to your device design or enhanced and modified to make adding a planar transformer or inductor as quick and easy as possible to speed up your product delivery.

G45 series

G45 series

  • Developed for LT DC1317
  • Topology forward active clamp
  • Input range 9-72V
  • Power range up to 125W
  • Footprint 21.20 x 23.30 mm
  • Height 9.4 mm


80R2 series

80R2 series

  • Developed for LT DC1929A
  • Topology forward active clamp
  • Input range 150-420V
  • Output range 5V@30A to 57V@3A
  • Footprint 32 x 40.8 mm
  • Height 12,6 mm


80R6 series

80R6 series

  • Developed for LT3753
  • Topology forward active clamp
  • Railway application
  • Input range 50-180V
  • Power range up to 240W
  • Footprint 32 x 36,8mm
  • Height 12,6mm


Fast and effective custom developments

If you don't know which magnetic component you need for your design, then Acal BFi and Champs will work together with you to create a tailored, unique solution. We can create a custom discrete component which meets your applications exact specifications.

Reduce costs and time to market with our embedded solutions

Work with Acal BFi and Champs Technologies, rather than a high cost and time consult, to design a planar converter which is part of your larger PCB design. Champs Technologies has the capabilities and experience to create PCB designs, embedding efficient and high-quality planar components and creating a design which includes all your power components.


  • Design and manufacture planar transformers and Inductors, conventional wound magnetics, inductors: Flat Wire, Helix.
  • Automobile grade multi-layer PCB 2 - 30 layers up to 5oz Copper for planar transformer assembly
  • Embedded planar - integrated directly into PCB
  • Volume: typical 1K-100K per month requirement, custom Devices small production runs handled
  • Power design: DC-DC converter, AC-DC power supply, battery chargers
  • SMT PCB component assembly including planar components

Reduce costs and time to market with our embedded solutions

Custom magnetic cores

At Acal BFi we offer custom services from design to production of magnetic components to meet your bespoke specifications.

Custom magnetic components

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