Ferrites – one material for almost any design requirement

Ferrites – one material for almost any design requirementFerrites have a broad range of properties that meet the requirements of many designs and applications, making them a popular choice with engineers. Thanks to their low cost, high resistance to corrosion, excellent stability and resistance to demagnetisation, they are one of the most widely used magnetic materials in the world.

After almost a century of development, there is now a huge range of ferrites available, which can be further tailored to meet the exact requirements of almost every element in any design.

One material provides an extremely broad range of properties...

Across the five core magnetic qualities, ferrites offer one of the broadest ranges of properties of any magnetic material making them an exceptionally versatile choice.

Quality Minimum Maximum
Frequency range (MHz) 0.001 (1kHz) 1,000
Initial permeability (µi) 15 20,000
Flux density BSAT (mT) 220 (@20 kA/m) at 25°C 545 (@1200 A/m) at 25°C
Temperature (°C) 500
Resistivity ρ (ΩM) 0.1 105

...for almost any application

EMI filters and current compensated chokes, for example, can often require an extremely wide range of resistivity values, from just 0.1 up to 100,000ΩM. In other cases, applications can share several similar requirements, but have one or two that are unique.

Telecom filters, proximity sensors, wideband EMI-suppression, wideband transformers and balun transformers all need a flux density between 360 and 545mT, but where telecom filters and proximity sensors operate at a frequency range of 0.1 to 2MHz, EMI-suppression, wideband transformers and balun transformers operate from 1 up to 1,000MHz. Despite this huge difference in requirements, ferrites can be used in all of these applications.

One design often has multiple requirements

In today's world of tightly integrated, multi-purpose products, it is not unusual to find one design that integrates several technologies with multiple requirements.

Vehicles coming off the production line today can feature several cameras and sensors, intelligent infotainment systems and multiple safety systems. Wireless charging technology, for example, can be used on the underside of the vehicle to recharge it without plugging in, as well as in the interior for charging occupants' mobile devices. Even the rear lights, which once used lightbulbs to signal turning and warn of braking, now feature hundreds of LEDs in each cluster to create 'signature illumination', differentiating makes and models on the road.

Most, if not all, of these systems will require one or more magnetic components, with requirements as different as their end applications. Ferrites, with their huge range of properties, are one of the only magnetic materials that enable engineers to utilise a single solution across all applications in their complex, multi-purpose designs.

Simplify your material requirements, supply chain and purchasing process

By using just one magnetic material, you can simplify your design, supply chain and purchasing processes.

Just as using ferrites can simplify your production process, Acal BFi can simplify your ordering, purchasing, delivery and supply chain processes, enabling you to work with one supplier for all your ferrite material needs.

We offer the very best choice of ferrite magnetic materials from our world-leading ferrite suppliers Ferroxcube, Magnetics Inc and Laird, and have one of the largest magnetic materials stock in all of Europe, with standard shapes and sizes available for immediate dispatch.

Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imagination

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